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Kluwer EU Patent Cases is a database of patent decisions from the EPC jurisdictions, reported and summarized in English by correspondents located in each of the EPC Member States, providing:

  • Summaries of the decisions in English;
  • English annotations; and
  • Full texts of the decisions in their original language.
Cases include landmark decisions since 1980, plus other patent decisions since January 2007 from:
  • The European Courts of Justice – all decisions;
  • National courts of the EPC Member States: all Supreme Court decisions and a selection of lower court decisions; and
  • A selection of EPO Boards of Appeal decisions.
The EPO and lower national court decisions concern cases that represent a development and/or clarification of substantive patent law, or concern a remarkable factual background. Kluwer EU Patent Cases aims to provide headnotes and full texts of the selected cases two weeks from when they appear. Two weeks after the headnote, authoritative summaries of the cases will also be made available. Cases that represent a clarification and/or development of substantive patent law of particular relevance for the EPC Member States will be annotated to provide an analytical framework to the case. Email Alert Service - Kluwer EU Patent Cases also includes an email alert service. Every two weeks an email newsletter is sent out notifying subscribers of newly reported and newly summarized cases.

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