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Jury Selection, Fourth Edition by V. Hale Starr, Mark McCormick

Jury Selection, Fourth Edition

By V. Hale Starr, Mark McCormick


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Here is an outstanding source that combines expert analysis of the law governing jury selection with a full and definitive explanation of all current scientific methodology employed in that process. Beginning with in-depth exploration of the legal issues in jury law today, Jury Selection, Fourth Edition goes on to provide detailed guidance--available in no other single source--on such crucial topics and procedures as:

  • Background investigation
  • Community attitude surveying
  • Batson challenges
  • Voir dire techniques and strategies
  • Nonverbal communication

With specific courtroom applications of all the relevant scientific methodology, Jury Selection, Fourth Edition is a must for the litigator who wants to use the most advanced techniques available to ensure a fair-minded and unprejudiced jury.

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