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Judgment Enforcement, Third Edition by James J. Brown Judgment Enforcement, Third Edition by James J. Brown

Judgment Enforcement, Third Edition

By James J. Brown
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When economic times are hard, clients need their debts collected and judgments enforced more than ever for their businesses to be viable. Collecting and enforcing judgments has become an important legal process in the United States and worldwide and is now becoming a very prominent and respected specialty of the law.

Judgment Enforcement, Third Edition is a best-selling desktop reference with comprehensive information about the judgment enforcement process in general and many other areas in particular.

This essential one-volume work presents a concise treatment of judgment enforcement practice from discovery to execution. You'll discover:

  • How to find, freeze, and collect hidden assets
  • How to obtain information on the assets available
  • How to prepare and file enforcement-related pleadings and documents.

Judgment Enforcement, Third Edition has more statutes, case law, rules of procedure, service of process tips and practice tips than any two volume series in the United States. It also includes a detailed discussion of the federal judgment enforcement provisions and strategies for international execution, as well as tips and strategies for effectively executing all judgments.

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Pages 2014
Last Updated 04/06/2021
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ISBN 9780735584853
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Table of Contents
  1. Basic Aspects of Judgment Enforcement
  2. The Judgment Debtor
  3. Discovery to find the Debtor's Assets
  4. Methods of Implementation of Discovery to Trace Assets
  5. Executing on the Judgment
  6. New Litigation to Enforce Judgments
  7. The Appointment and Use of Receivers Before and After Judgment
  8. Reopening, Correcting, and Vacating Judgments
  9. Sale and Disposition of the Debtor's Assets
  10. Statutory Exemptions from Judgment Enforcement
  11. Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement in North Carolina
  12. Judgment Enforcement in California
  13. Enforcement of Foreign Judgment in Ontario
  14. Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement in Texas
  15. Judgment Enforcement in New York
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes (USC)
  • Subject Index