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Edited by Maxi Scherer


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General Editor: Dr Maxi Scherer

Assistant Editors: Michael Howes, Victoria Narancio, Valeriya Kirsey

Editorial Board: Anna-Maria Tamminen, Kate Davies, Samaa Haridi, Tania Voon, Mariel Dimsey, Korinna von Trotha, Marie Berard, Niusscha Bassiri, Tom Walsh, Chris Boog, Darius Chang, Stefan Riegler, Stephan Schill, Johannes Koepp, Remy Gerbay, Aren Goldsmith, Hanno Wehland, Simon Manner, Gustav Flecke-Giammarco

Advisory Board: Dominique Brown-Berset, Bernard Hanotiau, Micheal Hwand, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Wolfgang Kühn, Toby Landau, Horacio A Grigera Naon, Lucy Reed, Samir A. Saleh, Sheppard Audley, Abby Cohen Smutny, Dorothy Udeme Ufot, VV Veeder QC, Michael Moser, Friven Yeoh

The growing importance of arbitration as a means for international commercial dispute resolution necessitates independent platforms for ideas on the development and application of international arbitration.

Since its 1984 launch, the Journal of International Arbitration has established itself as a thought-provoking, ground-breaking journal aimed at the specific requirements of those involved in international arbitration. The journal now appears bimonthly (six times a year) rather than quarterly, giving it even more immediacy as a forum for original thinking, penetrating analysis, and lively discussion of international arbitration issues.

As always each issue contains in-depth investigations of the most important current issues in international arbitration, focusing on business, investment, and economic disputes between private corporations, state-controlled entities, and states. The Journal's worldwide coverage ensures regular reporting on regional trends which can serve as an example for other regions and countries.

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