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Italian Income Taxes, Consolidated Text

By Peter C. Alegi


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Since the first edition of Italian Income Taxes Consolidated Text, was published, there has been a constant out flow of new laws and legislative decrees, within the Italian tax system. Meticulously translated by Peter C. Alegi, this revised edition is more vital now, to the international business community, than ever before and perhaps ever will be again.

The ability to predict tax impact is crucial in arriving at cross-border decisions. The rapid increase of international business expansion also reduces decision making time, for those faced with cross-border opportunities.

Language need not be the proverbial barrier, which limits international corporations in their attempt to gain a foot-hold in the lucrative Italian market. The opportunities within this rich historic peninsula are as vast as its treasures of art and literature. This publication offers a clear explanation of Italy's tax system, for those who wish to tap into Italy's treasures and for international lawyers working within the system.

Publish Date 02/01/1994
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ISBN 9789065448149
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