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IPO Week in Review

IPO Week in Review

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IPO Week in Review keeps professionals up-to-date with the previous week’s:

  • IPOs
  • Initial IPO Filings (Registrations)
  • Withdrawal
  • Recent SEC Registration Amendment Filing Activity (contained in eight-week IPO registration amendment filing activity report showing the most recent filings of amendments by week and filing date at the SEC)
  • Once per month the IPO NewsDesk feature is run as an article appearing in the IPO Week in Review e-newsletter

IPO Week in Review contains five sections:

  1. IPO Week: headlines and associated table (offerings, filings and withdrawals). This section presents a concise review of the previous week’s IPO activity with listings of all new IPO filings, new IPO offerings, and IPO withdrawals. Key data is abstracted and presented in detailed tables. Links to the relevant IPO Vital Signs are provided to assist further research.
  2. IPO Activity Chart (graph of activity levels for last twelve weeks). This section contains a chart that is updated weekly with the IPO activity for the previous twelve weeks.
  3. IPO Vital Sign of the Week. Each week, IPO Week in Review highlights an IPO Vital Sign relevant to a current topic. IPO Week in Review stand-alone subscribers can run a Vital Sign without logging into the IPO Vital Signs system.
  4. IPO Line-up Table and Headlines. The IPO Line-Up is an extensive table with all IPO registrants that meet this criteria: a) they have filed to go public in the U.S., b) they have neither gone public nor formally withdrawn their offering by filing a Form RW with the SEC, or c) they have had filing activity in the most recent eight week period.
  5. IPO News Desk Article (published monthly). The IPO News Desk article is a once per month feature run in the IPO Week in Review. It is not a separate transmittal but is contained in that week’s IPO Week in Review publication. It is typically 1) a recap of a previous period’s activity (month, quarter, year), or 2) highlights a recent trend in the going public process (new trends exhibited in recent offerings, the IPO market overall, or final prospectus disclosure, etc.).

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