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Introduction To The Law Of Israel

Introduction To The Law Of Israel

By Amos Shapira, Keren C. Dewitt-Arar


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Introduction to the Law.....Series Volume 1

This book introduces the main features of the Israeli legal culture in its historical perspective; it identifies the basic legal sources, institutions and processes and provides adequate information about the principal branches of the law.

The book offers an authoritative summary but coherent, compact yet systematic account of the major customs of the law of Israel. It is addressed to legal practitioners, government officials, administrators, businessmen, students, researchers and scholars interested in an informative orientation and a reliable overview of Israeli law and legal institutions.

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Table of Contents
    History and Sources of Israeli Law. The Institutional Organization of the Israeli Legal System. Constitutional Law. Administrative Law. Family and Inheritance Law. Contract Law. Tort Law. Property Law. Commercial Law. Corporate Law. Labour Law. Tax Law. Criminal Law. Criminal Procedure. Civil Procedure. Law of Evidence. Insolvency Law. Arbitration Law. Private International Law. International Law and the State of Israel. Bibliography. Index.