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Introduction to the Law of Croatia

Introduction to the Law of Croatia

By Tatjana Josipovic


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Introduction to the Laws.....Series Volume 15

Croatia, the newest Member State of the European Union, presents practitioners with one of the most complex legal systems in Europe, pervaded today with major ongoing reforms since independence in 1991. Nonetheless, internationally efficient regimes of corporate law, bankruptcy, banking law, financial law, intellectual property, antitrust, employment law, environmental law, and telecommunications law are now securely in place.

This book is the first-ever comprehensive overview of the legal system of Croatia in English. Each of twenty-one local expert contributors provides concise but complete reviews and analysis of many major branches of Croatian law, explaining the implications of legal rules and clarifying ambiguities. Every aspect of legal application is described in substantive and procedural detail, with lucid explanations of Croatian law in the following fields and more:

  • structure of the judicial system;
  • constitutional order;
  • administration and administrative procedure;
  • contracts and tort law;
  • employment contracts;
  • property rights and succession law;
  • copyrights and related rights;
  • companies and competition rules;
  • civil procedure and insolvency proceedings;
  • criminal law;
  • conflict-of-law rules; and
  • tax policy.
Both a useful handbook for practitioners and a comprehensive survey of Croatian law, this book provides more than sufficient information and guidance to navigate through any legal proceeding with a Croatian element. Lawyers and scholars will find here an overview that will continue to be useful as a resource in facing and overcoming the challenges inherent in engaging with Croatia’s economy and legal realities

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Table of Contents

General Introduction; H. Ernst.

Chapter 1. Constitutional Law; B. Smerdel.

Chapter 2. Administrative Law and Public Administration; A. Musa.

Chapter 3. Property Law; T. Josipović.

Chapter 4. Contract Law; S. Nikšić.

Chapter 5. Tort Law; M. Baretić.

Chapter 6. Succession Law; I. Gliha, T. Josipović.

Chapter 7. Family Law; D. Hrabar.

Chapter 8. Labour Law; I. Vukorepa.

Chapter 9. Consumer Protection Law; E. Mišćenić.

Chapter 10. Copyrights and Related Rights; I. Gliha.

Chapter 11. Company Law; S. Petrović, A. Bilić.

Chapter 12. Competition Law; S. Petrović, T. Jakšić.

Chapter 13. Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution; J. Garašić.

Chapter 14. Insolvency Law; H. Ernst.

Chapter 15. International Private Law; D. Babić.

Chapter 16. Criminal Law; K. Turković, M. Munivrana Vajda, A. Maršavelski.

Chapter 17. Tax Law; H. Arbutina, J. Bogovac.