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Introduction to Swiss Law, Third Edition

Introduction to Swiss Law, Third Edition

By Francois Dessemontet


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Introduction to the Laws.....Series Volume 7

This handy volume offers practitioners and students an introduction to the law of Switzerland. Encompassing all the major fields of legal practice, Introduction to Swiss Law provides an essential understanding of Swiss legal system, with special emphasis on some contemporary issues, so that users can become familiar with the legal institutions and pursue further research on specific Swiss legal matters.

With 18 chapters written by Swiss experts in their respective fields of law, each gives French and German terminology and supported with selected list of books in French and German, this is the ideal starting point whenever a question of Swiss law must be answered. The book includes, among others, the following topics:

  • sources of Swiss law;
  • the federal constitution;
  • administrative law;
  • legal persons;
  • family and inheritance ;;
  • property;
  • contracts;
  • civil liability;
  • competition and intellectual property;

    as well as the fields of corporations, banking law, taxation, labor law, private international law and criminal law. Chapters on civil and criminal procedure include coverage of the essential elements of evidence rules, remedies, and enforcement. A comprehensive list of books and articles on Swiss law in English is also attached to the book.

    Now in its third edition, this concise and practical guide is sure to continue providing interested parties with a speedy and reliable opening to whatever aspect of Swiss law they need to know. It is also of great value as a comparative source, in broader terms, on Swiss legal practice.

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Table of Contents
    General Introduction. Acknowledgments. List of Abbreviations.1.Introduction. J. Voyame.2The Swiss Federal Constitution.J. F. Aubert, E. Grisel.3Cantonal and Federal Administrative Law of Switzerland. T. Fleiner.4Law of Persons. F. Knoepfler.5Family Law. J.M. Grossen, O. Guillod. 6Law of Inheritance. A. Leuba.7Law of Property. J.N. Druey. 8Law of Contracts. E. Bucher. 9Torts. P. Tercier, D. Dreyer10Commercial law, Competition Law and Intellectual Property. F. Dessemontet.11Banking Law. R.H. Weber.12Law of Taxation. I. Althaus-Houriet. 13Labour Law.R. Wyler. 14Criminal Law.S. Trechsel, M. Killias.15Law of Criminal Procedure. S. Trechse, M. Killias. 16Law of Civil Procedure.H.U. Walder-Richli.17Private International Law. F. Dessemontet, W. Stoffel.18Bibliography on Swiss Law (in English). A. Thevenaz. Index.