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Introduction to Italian Law

Introduction to Italian Law

By Jeffrey S. Lena, Ugo Mattei


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Introduction to the Laws.....Series Volume 4

This is a methodologically advanced introduction to the main features of the Italian Legal System. Its eighteen chapters cover all the significant changes and innovations that have recently taken place, including:

  • a new system of private international law;

  • a greatly altered and expanded body of family law;

    a new code of criminal procedure;

  • fundamental changes in civil procedure;

  • the effects of European legislation on Italian municipal law;

  • the reformation of administrative law; and

  • the latest computer-assisted research tools and techniques used to research Italian law.

    Written for academics and lawyers alike, this book is an indispensable tool for those wishing to grasp the context of Italian legal activity. Written by Italian experts at the top of their respective fields, An Introduction to Italian Law is a readable yet technically sophisticated and critical discussion of the systemic features that make the Italian legal system a landmark of the civil law tradition.

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Table of Contents
Preface, Introduction by the Editors, Presentation, Table of Abbreviations, PART ONE: Historical Outline Chapter 1. A Short Sketch of Legal History Antonio Padoa-Schioppa, Chapter 2. Shifting Frames: Law and Legal “Contaminations” Pier Giuseppe Monateri and Dott. F.A. Chiaves, PART TWO: Legal Sources and Formants Chapter 3. Constitutional Law Mario Comba, Chapter 4. Italy and the European Union Luisa Antoniolli Deflorian PART THREE: Legal Structure Chapter 5. Machinery of Justice Vincenzo Varano, Chapter 6. Administrative Law Domenico Sorace, Chapter 7. Civil Procedure and the Path of a Civil Case Michele Taruffo, Chapter 8. Criminal Justice: The Resistance of a Mentality Elisabetta Grande PART FOUR: Issues of Private Law Chapter 9. Tort Law Mauro Bussani, Barbara Pozzo, and Angelo Venchiarutti, Chapter 10. Contract Law Alberto M. Musy, and Alberto Monti Chapter 11. Property Law Antonio Gambaro and Ugo Mattei, Chapter 12. Trust Law Michele Graziadei Chapter 13. Non-Profit Organizations Giulio Ponzanelli Chapter 14. Labor Law Luca Nogler Chapter 15. Corporate Governance Francesco Denozza 16. Family Law and Succession Francesco Parisi and Dott. Giampaolo Frezza Chapter 17. Private International Law Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo PART FIVE: Legal Research Chapter 18. How to Find the Law Giovanni Pascuzzi, Andrea Rossato, Index