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Introduction to Greek Law, 3rd Revised Edition by

Introduction to Greek Law, Third Revised Edition

Edited by K.D. Kerameus, Phaedon John Kozyris


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Introduction to the Laws.....Series Volume 11

Now in its third edition, Introduction to Greek Law remains the sole comprehensive summary of Greek law in a language other than Greek. In twenty insightful chapters, written by some of the best authorities on Greek law in Greece and in the United States, the book provides both analysis and commentary on the various aspects of theory and practice in contemporary Greek law, concentrating on comparative law aspects and on differences with corresponding concepts in the Anglo-American system and in other European systems. The third edition covers all these areas of substantive law and legal practice and more:

  • the Greek Constitution and its relation to international law and the European Union;
  • structure and distribution of state powers;
  • effect of EC directives;
  • regulatory authorities and administrative action;
  • judicial organization;
  • intellectual property;
  • corporations and partnerships;
  • labor relations;
  • arbitration;
  • commercial and maritime law;
  • local government;
  • legal persons;
  • contracts and torts
  • marriage, divorce, and filiation;
  • succession;
  • bankruptcy;
  • choice of law and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments;
  • taxation;
  • investment incentives; and
  • criminal law and procedure.

Of special value is the attention to recent revisions of civil, commercial and procedural laws, particularly in the fields of conflict of laws, procedure, property, obligations, succession, and family law. Bibliographies accompany each chapter, and useful appendices include comprehensive lists of statutes, cases, and international conventions. Introduction to Greek Law has been well-received internationally in its earlier editions, and the Third Edition, with its thorough updates, is sure to be equally welcomed by practitioners and academics alike.

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Table of Contents

    Prefaces. Abbreviations and Explanation of Terms. 1. Historical Development; A.N. Yiannopoulos. 2. Sources and Materials; A. Grammaticaki-Alexiou. 3. Constitutional and Administrative Law; P.D. Dagtoglou. 4. Application of Community Law in Greece; V.A. Christianos. 5. The General Principles of Civil Law; S.C. Symeonides. 6. Law of Obligations; P. C. Christodoulou. 7. Property; A.N. Yiannopoulos. 8. Urban and Regional Planning and Zoning; G. Giannakourou. 9. Family Law; A. Grammaticaki-Alexiou.10. The Law of Succession; A. Grammaticaki-Alexiou. 11. Commercial Law; N.A. Deloukas, E. Perakis. 12. Business Associations; P.J. Kozyris. 13. Private Maritime Law; A.M. Antapassis. 14. Labor Law; I.D. Koukiadis. 15. Social Insurance Law; K.D. Kremalis. 16. Judicial Organization and Civil Procedure; K.D. Kerameus. 17. Conflict of Laws, International Jurisdiction and Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments and Awards; P.J. Kozyris. 18. Nationality and the Law of Aliens; Z. Papassiopi-Passia. 19. Tax Law and Investment Incentives; J.C. Dryllerakis. 20. Criminal Law and Procedure; D.D. Spinellis. Appendices: I. Statutes and Statutory Instruments. II. International Conventions. III. Cases. Index. Index of Greek Words.