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Introduction to Dutch Law, Fifth Edition by

Introduction to Dutch Law, Fifth Edition

Edited by Jeroen Chorus, Ewoud Hondius, Wim Voermans


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Introduction to Dutch Law serves as a recognised legal resource, since its first edition in 1978, providing an excellent overview of Dutch law for foreign lawyers. This Fifth Edition fully updates its systematic description of the legal sources, institutions and concepts in all major fields of Dutch law. Recent developments that have been covered include the progressive implementation of standards set by international conventions, the reorganization of the judiciary, the statute on environmental law and the (re)codification of private international law. The continuing influence of European law is evident in many fields, most notably in family law. Like previous editions, the Fifth Edition has been prepared under the auspices of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association.

What’s in this book:

The various topics discussed in this book include:

  • an introduction to all major areas of Dutch Law, varying from criminal law and judicial organisation to obligations and tax law;
  • authoritative commentary by prominent legal scholars and practitioners;
  • major legal revisions, such as the reorganization of the judiciary, the coming into force of the statute on environmental law in 2010 and the (re)codification of private international law in Book 10 of the Civil Code, which came into force on 1 January 2012;
  • the influence of European and international law upon Dutch law.

The historical origins of Dutch law are discussed, as well as Dutch legal culture, judicial organization, legal education and the legal profession. These chapters are followed by introductions to essential issues of private and public law and labour law. The last chapter examines questions of legal philosophy.

How will this help you:

The only resource of its kind available, this book is unmatched as a thorough guide to further research. It offers practitioners, foreign lawyers and law students (in particular ERASMUS exchange students) a quick and reliable way into any area of Dutch law that they may be required to research. It will also be of great value to comparatists (especially those studying the influence of European law on national legal systems), scholars and students.

Publish Date 04/18/2016
Publish Frequency As Needed
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ISBN 9789041166630
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Table of Contents

List of Editors and Contributors.

List of Abbreviations.


Part I. Dutch Legal System.

Chapter 1. – History – J.M.J. CHORUS.

Chapter 2. Dutch Legal Culture – WIBO VAN ROSSUM.

Chapter 3. Judicial Organization – ROWIE STOLK AND WIM VOERMANS.

Chapter 4. Legal Education and the Legal Profession – G.R. DE GROOT AND S.J.F.J. CLAESSENS.

Part II. Private Law

Chapter 5. Family Law – P. VLAARDINGERBROEK.

Chapter 6. Legal Persons – J.B. HUIZINK.

Chapter 7. Representation, Power of Attorney and Mandate – B.A. SCHUIJLING.

Chapter 8. Law of Property – J.M.J. CHORUS.

Chapter 9. Law of Inheritance – S. PERRICK.

Chapter 10. Law of Obligations – A.S. HARTKAMP.

Chapter 11. Specific Contracts – E.H. HONDIUS AND A.L.M. KEIRSE.

Chapter 12. Commercial Law – J.B. HUIZINK.

Chapter 13. Civil Procedure – H.J. SNIJDERS.

Chapter 14. Private International Law – TH.M. DE BOER AND L. STRIKWERDA.

Part III. Public Law

Chapter 15. Constitutional Law – WIM VOERMANS.

Chapter 16. Administrative Law – A.J.C. DE MOOR-VAN VUGT AND B.W.N. DE WAARD.

Chapter 17. Environmental Law – J.H.G. VAN DEN BROEK.

Chapter 18. The Criminal Justice System – J.H. CRIJNS AND M.A.H. VAN DER WOUDE.

Chapter 19. Tax Law – CH.J. LANGEREIS.

Part IV. Social and Economic Law

Chapter 20. Labour Law and Social Security – A.T.J.M. JACOBS.


Chapter 22. Financial Law – MATTHIAS HAENTJENS.

Part V. Legal Philosophy

Chapter 23. Legal Philosophy – A. SOETEMAN.