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Introduction to Air Law, Tenth Edition by MENDES DE LEON

Introduction to Air Law, Tenth Edition



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Introduction to Air Law provides a comprehensive overview of the major components of this specialised field of international law. The world of aviation has moved on rapidly since the appearance of the ninth edition of this pre-eminent resource five years ago. Those developments pertain to market access and market behaviour by air carriers, including competition, new perceptions of safety and security, among others in relation to transparency of accident investigation and cybersecurity, case law in the area of airline liability, with new cases from the United States, product liability and insurance, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, the growing importance of environmental concerns, the rights and obligations of passengers, also in the context of ‘unruly’ passengers, and innovative methods for financing aircraft. Special attention has been paid in this edition to regional integration movements, especially in Europe, affecting the mentioned subjects. The book’s extensive references to other sources in the field have been expanded and updated by the author and experts in specialised areas.

What’s in this book:

The present edition addresses the following topics:

  • the regulatory framework governing the operation of air services, including the principle of sovereignty in national airspace;
  • the distinction between State and civil aircraft;
  • dispute settlement in international civil aviation;
  • economic regulation of international air transport services, including the establishment of air services agreements;
  • inter-airline cooperation in the context of competition law regimes;
  • liability of the various service providers, in particular airlines and related insurance coverage;
  • the promotion of safety standards;
  • criminal acts affecting the safety of aviation;
  • the role of international and regional organisations with particular reference to that of the European Union;
  • liability of the aircraft manufacturer for equipment; and
  • financial and security interests in mobile equipment.

How this will help you:

The many practitioners, officials, business people, and academics with a professional interest in aviation law will appreciate this new edition as one of the fundamental works in the field, and newcomers will discover this as an incomparable resource. This tenth edition enriches knowledge on air law, encourages the reader to further explore the fascinating and dynamic field of international law, and is ready to be of unmatched service to any practising member of the air law community anywhere in the world.

Pages 576
Publish Date 07/24/2017
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041191366
SKU 10057283-0001
Table of Contents



List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Chapter 1 The Regime of International Civil Aviation

Chapter 2 Operation of Air Services under International Law

Chapter 3 Operation of Air Services under EU Law

Chapter 4 Contractual Air Carrier Liability under International Law

Chapter 5 Passenger Protection: With Special Reference to the EU

Chapter 6 Global Safety Regulation

Chapter 7 Regional Safety Organisations

Chapter 8 Product Liability

Chapter 9 Surface Damage and Collisions

Chapter 10 Insurance

Chapter 11 Rights in Aircraft

Chapter 12 Criminal Air Law




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