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International Standard - Setting and Innovations in Social Security by

International Standard - Setting and Innovations in Social Security

Edited by Ulrich Becker, Frans Pennings, Tineke Dijkhoff


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Already from the beginning of the twentieth century, international standards on social security have been developed by international organizations. A very active period of standard setting was the 1950s–1970s, although the focus was primarily on European countries. Since the 1990s, few new standards have been developed. Yet, there are still large deficiencies in social protection in many countries, and poverty keeps on being an unsolved problem. At the same time, structural changes are introduced to developed social security systems which seem to jeopardize the implementation of international social standards. On the one hand, the need to promote social protection for all on a global level is still strongly felt. On the other, innovations in social security in all part of the world seem to lead to new obstacles on the way to its realization. Therefore, a study of the most important phenomena of social security developments in the light of the functioning of international standards is very much needed. This book studies new approaches for social protection in developed as well as in developing countries, in order to analyze how existing standards can deal with them and whether new standards are desired. It covers a broad range of important issues, namely poverty, migration, natural disasters and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, informal social security, new social risks and privatization.

The innovations in social security reacting to these issues are dealt with by detailed case studies and analyzing chapters. Twenty-four renowned specialists from all relevant regions of the world have contributed to this book. They do not only give up-to-date overviews on national social security systems and a discussion of the standards, but also analyze and compare all important recent developments in social security world-wide.

The areas addressed include the following: ;
  • global standards, and standards in Europe, Latin America and Southern Africa;
  • poverty reduction programmes;
  • social protection and HIV/AIDS;
  • coverage of long-term care;
  • social protection for persons working in informal employment;
  • protection of migrants;
  • privatization and activation;
Assuming that there is still a need to lay down standards at a supra-state level, this book critically discusses the pros and cons of standards for each of the selected contingencies and clearly shows the differences between developed and developing countries and the continents. In its description of issues affecting the lives of large parts of the world’s population, and in the analyses it offers for further action on the part of international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the various states, it contributes greatly to the design of international standards in the near future. As such, it will be welcomed by interested policymakers, agency and NGO officials, and academics worldwide.

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Table of Contents

List of Editors and Contributors.


List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 General Introduction Ulrich Becker and Frans Pennings.

Part I Setting of International Social Security Standards.

Chapter 2 Historical and Theoretical Background of Standard Setting in Social Security Frans Pennings.

Chapter 3 Different Levels of Standard Setting: Introduction Frans Pennings.

Chapter 4 Global Standards: The Policy of the ILO Kari Tapiola.

Chapter 5 The Guiding Role of ILO Convention No. 102 Tineke Dijkhoff.

Chapter 6 Social Security Standards in Latin America Laura C. Pautassi.

Chapter 7 Social Security Standards in Southern Africa Marius Olivier.

Chapter 8 Social Security Standards in Europe Matti Mikkola.

Chapter 9 Different Levels of Standard-Setting: Analysis Frans Pennings.

Part II Material Scope: Uncovered and New Risks.

Chapter 10 Poverty: Introduction Barbara Darimont.

Chapter 11 Poverty Policy, Development and the State: Toward a Typology of Strategic Approaches James Midgley.

Chapter 12 Poverty Reduction in South Africa: The Old-Age Pension Edwell Kaseke.

Chapter 13 Poverty Reduction in Bolivia: The Universal Pension Lorena Ossio Bustillos.

Chapter 14 Poverty in the United Kingdom Simon Roberts.

Chapter 15 Poverty: Analysis Barbara Darimont.

Chapter 16 New Social Risks: Introduction Bernd Schulte.

Chapter 17 HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa Letlhokwa George Mpedi.

Chapter 18 HIV and AIDS in Tanzania Tulia Ackson.

Chapter 19 HIV and AIDS in Russia Olga Chesalina.

Chapter 20 Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan Katsuaki Matsumoto.

Chapter 21 Long-Term Care in Austria Walter J. Pfeil.

Chapter 22 New Social Risks: Analysis Bernd Schulte.

Part III Personal Scope: Informal Sector and Migrants.

Chapter 23 Informal Sector: Introduction Letlhokwa George Mpedi.

Chapter 24 The Informal Sector in Mexico Angel Guillermo Ruiz Moreno.

Chapter 25 Social Protection for Informal and Low-Paid Work in Germany Eberhard Eichenhofer.

Chapter 26 Informal Sector: Analysis Letlhokwa George Mpedi. B Migrants.

Chapter 27 Migrants: Introduction Lorena Ossio Bustillos.

Chapter 28 Migrants in South Africa Ockert Dupper and Marius Olivier .

Chapter 29 Social Protection of Migrants in China Barbara Darimont.

Chapter 30 Social Protection of Migrants in Spain Cristina Sánchez-Rodas Navarro.

Chapter 31 Migrants: Analysis Lorena Ossio Bustillos.

Part IV Methods and Tools: Privatization and Activation.

Chapter 32 Privatization and Activation: Introduction Ulrich Becker and Frans Pennings.

Chapter 33 Privatization of Chile’s Pension and Health Care Systems Carmelo Mesa-Lago.

Chapter 34 Protection of Old Age in Chile Pablo Arellano Ortiz.

Chapter 35 Voluntary Pensions in the Czech Republic Kristina Koldinská.

Chapter 36 Privatization and Activation in the Netherlands Frans Pennings.

Chapter 37 Privatization and Activation: Analysis Ulrich Becker.

Part V Conclusions.

Chapter 38 Final Conclusions Frans Pennings and