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International Securities Markets: Insider Trading Law In China by Thomas W. Huang

International Securities Markets: Insider Trading Law In China

By Thomas W. Huang


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This book offers the first detailed analysis of China’s insider trading law, explaining what constitutes insider trading in China and what the consequences of unlawful insider trading might be there. More importantly, it suggests ways in which the law might more effectively prevent the occurrence of insider trading in the first place. Among the elements of the legal framework addressed by the author are the following:

• Who benefits from insider trading

• The issue of when information becomes public

• A comparative law treatment of the underlying theories of insider trading liability

• Private civil liability

• Damage caps

• Measures of recovery

The author’s approach focuses on China’s readiness to adopt foreign ideas without adequately assimilating them into the local context. In this connection, he sets out valuable reform proposals, using authority from field interviews with Chinese stakeholders as well as from comparative case law.

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Table of Contents
    Preface. Acknowledgements. List of Selected Abbreviations. 1. Introduction. 2. Insider Trading In China: Incidence and Regulations. 3. Why Insider Trading is Widespread: A Cost-benefit Analysis. 4. Effects of Insider Trading: Harmful or Beneficial. 5. Theories of Insider Trading Liability: A Comparative Analysis. 6. Some Basic Elements of Insider Trading. 7. Private Civil Liability for Insider Trading. 8. Conclusion. Appendix 1: Methodology. Appendix 2: The Summary of Reported Insider Trading Cases in China. Bibliography. Table of Cases. Index.