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International Securities Exchange Rules

International Securities Exchange Rules

The International Securities Exchange (ISE), a subsidiary of Eurex, operates a family of fully-electronic trading platforms. Their portfolio consists of an options exchange and a stock exchange. As the world's largest equity options trading venue, ISE offers equity, ETF, index and FX options. The ISE Stock Exchange trades approximately 6,000 products and is the only fully-electronic equities platform.

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Table of Contents
International Securities Exchange Rules Chapter 1. Definitions Rule 100. Definitions Chapter 2. Organization and Administration Rule 200. Establishment of Committees Chapter 3. Membership Rule 300. Market Maker Rights Chapter 4. Business Conduct Rule 400. Just and Equitable Principles of Trade Chapter 5. Securities Traded on the Exchange Rule 500. Designation of Securities Chapter 6. Doing Business With the Public Rule 600. Exchange Approval Chapter 7. Doing Business On The Exchange Rule 700. Days and Hours of Business Chapter 8. Market Makers Rule 800. Registration of Market Makers Chapter 9. Second Market Rule 900. Definition of Second Market Chapter 10. Closing Transactions Rule 1000. Contracts of Suspended Members Chapter 11. Exercises and Deliveries Rule 1100. Exercise of Options Contracts Chapter 12. Margins Rule 1200. General Rule Chapter 13. Net Capital Requirements Rule 1300. Minimum Requirements Chapter 14. Records, Reports and Audits Rule 1400. Maintenance, Retention and Furnishing of Books... Chapter 15. Summary Suspension Rule 1500. Imposition of Suspension Chapter 16. Discipline Rule 1600. Disciplinary Jurisdiction Chapter 17. Hearings and Review Rule 1700. Scope of Chapter Chapter 18. Arbitration Rule 1800. Arbitration Chapter 19. Intermarket Linkage Rule 1900. Definitions Chapter 20. Index Rules Rule 2000. Application of Index Rules Chapter 21. ISE Stock Exchange, LLC Trading Rules Rule 2100. Introduction Chapter 22. Rate-Modified Foreign Currency Options Rules Rule 2200. Application of Foreign Currency Options Rules