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International Medical Law

By Saman Naseem, Mohammad Naseem


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This volume provides a comprehensive analysis of the history, development and other legal aspects relating to International Medical Law and covers issues arising from not only the physician-patient relationship, but also with many wider juridical relations involved in the broader field of medical care in the international arena.

After a general introduction, the book examines the evolution of medical law in different civilizations that existed all over the world. It systematically describes the sources of this law from conventions, treaties along with discussing the important role played by the courts, international institutions and other bodies related to the medical field. The comprehensive coverage includes public health law, international spread and prevention of diseases. This volume covers medical ethics and clinical ethics; considerations to facets of the medical professionals and patients relationship such as rights and responsibilities of the physicians, beneficence, consent, privacy, rights of patients and risk management. Also covered are issues of international concern like medical criminal activities, human and drug trafficking, trade in human organs, human medical research, as well as matters dealing with bio-technology in relation to bio-safety, bio-security, bio-genetics, bio-ethics, and the role of medical personnel in armed conflicts.

The International Medical Law relating to disability and mental health has also been considered. It sheds light on the historical background of trans-genders, HIV, the regulation and manufacture of medicines along with coverage of increasing medical tourism in various countries and the risks involved. The concept of euthanasia and sterilization as per the international scenario also finds inclusion along with the dispute settlement mechanisms of the medical field.

Succinct and practical, this book will prove to be of great value to professionals and professional organizations of physicians, nurses, hospitals, and relevant government and international agencies. Lawyers representing parties with interests in International Medical Law will welcome this very useful guide, and academics and researchers will appreciate its value as a contribution to the study of medical law in the international context.


Publish Date 02/08/2019
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403507941
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Table of Contents

The Authors

List of Abbreviations


General Introduction

Part I. History and Development of International Medical Law

Chapter 1. Human Civilization and the Evolution of Medical Treatment

Chapter 2. Development of International Medical Law

Chapter 3. Sources of International Medical Law

Part II. Role of International Institutions and Bodies

Chapter 1. International Medical Institutions and Bodies

Part III. Public Health Law and the Spread of Disease

Chapter 1. Public Health Law

Chapter 2. International Spread and Prevention of Diseases

Part IV. Dimensions of Ethics in the Medical Field

Chapter 1. Medical Ethics

Chapter 2. Medical Ethics and Human Rights

Part V. Medical Research and Legal Issues

Chapter 1. Regulation of Medical Research on Human Subjects

Part VI. Rights and Responsibilities of Medical Professionals and Patients

Chapter 1. The Rights and Duties of Physicians

Chapter 2. Rights of Patient

Part VII. Global Implications of Medical Criminal Activities

Chapter 1. Disciplinary Transgression

Chapter 2. Trafficking in Humans

Chapter 3. Trade in Human Organs

Chapter 4. Drug Trafficking

Part VIII. Biotechnology and Law

Chapter 1. Biotechnology and Medical Law

Chapter 2. Biosafety and Biosecurity

Chapter 3. Biogenetics

Chapter 4. Bioethics, Health Law and Human Rights

Part IX. Armed Conflict and Medical Professionals

Chapter 1. Role of Medical Personnel in Armed Conflict

Part X. Law Relating to Disability and Mental Health

Chapter 1. Disability and Mental Health

Chapter 2. Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medical Law

Chapter 3. Transgender

Part XI. Manufacture and Marketing of Medicines

Chapter 1. Regulation of Manufacturing of Medicines

Chapter 2. Marketing of Medicines and Law

Part XII. Practical Application of Medical Law

Chapter 1. Medical Jurisprudence

Part XIII. Medical Tourism and Treatment While Travelling

Chapter 1. Medical Tourism

Chapter 2. Travel and Legal Position of Doctors

Part XIV. Transplantation and Donation of Organs

Chapter 1. Organ and Tissue Transplantation

Chapter 2. Organ Donation and Malpractices

Part XV. Euthanasia: End of Life

Chapter 1. Euthanasia

Part XVI. Sterilization

Chapter 1. Sterilization and Population Control

Chapter 2. Sterilization and Disadvantaged Groups

Part XVII. Dispute Settlement in Medical Field

Chapter 1. Dispute Settlement

Chapter 2. Alternate Dispute Resolution

Selected Bibliography