Store International International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration: National Reports and Basic Legal Texts
International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration: National Reports and Basic Legal Texts by PAULSSON

International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration: National Reports and Basic Legal Texts

Edited by Jan Paulsson


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For many years the importance of international commercial arbitration has grown steadily. This is indicated by the increasing number of disputes submitted to arbitration, by the importance of the average case as measured by the amount of money in dispute, and by the range of countries involved. International contracts may give rise to differences, and arbitration is frequently resorted to for their solution.

Since arbitration laws and practices differ from country to country and often undergo changes, the business world and practitioners need up-to-date information. The International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration provides such information in the form of National Reports. Annexed are the Arbitration Act of the country concerned and all other relevant legal provisions.

The International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration assists arbitrators, company lawyers, businesspeople, and legal advisers in assessing the national Arbitration Acts of all important trading countries.

The work covers virtually all countries involved in international business and, consequently, in international commercial arbitration. Each National Report is written by a local leading arbitration expert from the country concerned and contains comprehensive information on the arbitration law and practice of that country.

Future supplements containing new National Reports along with basic legal texts in English, updates of National Reports previously published, and amended law texts follow regularly.

Last Updated 06/01/1987
Update Frequency As Needed
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ISBN 9789065449672
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • Law on Arbitration
  • Practice of Arbitration
  • Bibliography

2. Arbitration Agreement

  • Form and Contents of the Agreement
  • Parties to the Agreement
  • Domain of Arbitration
  • Separability of Arbitration Clause
  • Effect of the Agreement

3. Arbitrators

  • Qualifications
  • Challenge of Arbitrators
  • Number of Arbitrators
  • Appointment of Arbitrators
  • Liability of Arbitrators

4. Arbitral Procedure

  • Place of Arbitration
  • Arbitral Proceedings in General
  • Evidence
  • Experts
  • Interim Measures of Protection
  • Representation and Legal Assistance
  • Default

5. Arbitral Award

  • Types of Awards
  • Making of the Award
  • Form of the Award
  • Pleas as to the Arbitrators’ Jurisdiction
  • Applicable Law
  • Settlement
  • Correction and Interpretation of the Award
  • Additional Award
  • Fees and Costs
  • Delivery of the Award and Registration
  • Enforcement of the Award
  • Publication of the Award

6. Means of Recourse

  • Appeal from an Arbitral Award
  • Remedies Against Decision on Leave for Enforcement
  • Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award (Action for Annulment)
  • Other Means of Recourse

7. Foreign Arbitral Awards

  • Conventions and Treaties
  • Convention or Treaty Applies
  • No Convention or Treaty Applies
  • Rules of Public Policy

8. Conciliation

  • General
  • Legal Provisions Annex of Arbitration Laws and Rules

9. Investment

  • Treaty Arbitration