Store International / Legal International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: Western and Northern Europe
International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: Western and Northern Europe

International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: Western and Northern Europe

By Ilan Alon, Diane H.B. Welsh


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"Ilan Alon and Dianne Welsh have created a valuable franchising resource focusing on the West and North European market. The book's articles/chapters cover a huge range of important franchising issues, and are both interesting and insightful. . .It is crammed with interesting and useful information." Dr. Callum Floyd, Editor of

As companies globalize, they are finding many new opportunities in more and more markets around the world. Forward-thinking businesses are profiting from operating in markets that previously seemed closed or inaccessible.

But as the company grows and diversifies, it becomes more important to understand the legal, cultural, and business landscape in each new target country or region. Entering new markets ¿blind¿ can result in legal problems and business setbacks.

CCH now offers International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: Western and Northern Europe, a book intended to help companies enter new markets with their eyes wide open and an invaluable resource for any company looking to expand into new markets.

No other publications offer this array of accurate, up-to-date information on international markets and the laws and regulations by which they are governed. No other publications provide you with the intelligence needed to make smart decisions regarding expanding your franchise operations into established markets.

Pages 518
Publish Date 05/01/2003
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9780808009634
SKU 10028544-0001
Table of Contents
  • Foreword by John Stanworth and David Purdy
  • Scope of Books
  • Executive Summaries
  • Introduction
  • Breaking into the European Union Using Franchising
  • Comparative Review of Legal Issues
  • Franchising in Austria
  • Retail Franchising in Denmark
  • Compilation of Finnish Franchising Statistics
  • Finnish Franchisee Training Program
  • An Overview of Franchising in France
  • Plural Form Development in the French Franchise Networks
  • Survival Analysis of French Hotel Franchising
  • The Legal Environment of Franchising in Germany
  • Women and Franchising in Germany
  • Greek Franchising and Opportunities for Future Growth
  • Franchising in Italy: Trends and Development
  • Franchising as a Mode of Entry for Italian Companies in International Markets
  • Understanding Norway for Potential Franchising
  • Juggling Local Tastes and Brand Consistency
  • Internalization of Spanish Franchise Chains
  • Franchising in Switzerland
  • International Expansion of UK Franchisors
  • Direct Sales Franchises in the United Kingdom
  • The Internalization Process of a Franchise System: An Ethnographic Study
  • Final Reflections
  • Acknowledgments
  • Volumes