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International Environmental Law, Primary Materials

By Michael R. Molitor


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A unique compilation of major international environmental law resolutions, decisions, declarations, agreements and treaties that have changed the way the world looks at the environment. This book is divided into 5 easy to follow sections:

  • International Organizations: Fifteen resolutions and decisions that provide legal materials that represent the breadth of leading environmental issues as well as the range of different organizations currently considering them.
  • Inter-governmental Declarations: Nine non-binding declarations expressing the common interest of many states in specific issues of international scope.
  • Bilateral Agreements: Five major agreements between two nations
  • Regional Agreements: Thirteen regional environmental treaties, a majority of them European, dealing with important environmental issues on a regional basis.
  • Global Agreements: Agreements which were originally open for signature by a large number of states not confined to any specific geographic region and that address environmental issues of worldwide dimensions.
  • Publish Date 02/01/1991
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    ISBN 9789065445278
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