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International Energy Law by NASEEM

International Energy Law

By Mohammad Naseem


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This book provides a systematic approach to legislation and legal practice concerning energy resources and production in International Energy Law. The book describes the broad international energy set up, administrative organization, regulatory framework, and relevant case law pertaining to the development, application, and use of such forms of energy as electricity, gas, petroleum, and coal, with attention as needed to the pervasive legal effects of competition law, environmental law and tax law.

A general introduction covers the geography of energy resources, sources and basic principles of energy law, and the relevant governmental institutions. Then follows a detailed description of specific legislation and regulation affecting such factors as documentation, undertakings, facilities, storage, pricing, procurement and sales, transportation, transmission, distribution, and supply of each form of energy. Case law, intergovernmental cooperation agreements, and interactions with environmental, tax, and competition law are explained.

Its succinct yet scholarly nature, as well as the practical quality of the information it provides, make this book a valuable resource for energy sector policymakers, negotiators, investors and energy firm counsel handling cases affecting International Energy Law. It will also be welcomed by researchers and academics for its contribution to the study of the complex field of energy law that has peculiar characteristics because of associated risks and rewards.

Publish Date 03/10/2017
Publish Frequency As Needed
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ISBN 9789041185501
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Table of Contents

The Authors 
List of Abbreviations 
General Introduction 
Part I. International Energy Law and Sources 
Chapter 1. Sources of International Energy Law
Part II. Petroleum
Chapter 1. Concessions and Licenses
Chapter 2. Tax and Royalty Regime
Chapter 3. Joint Ventures and Participation Agreements
Chapter 4. Production Sharing Contract (PSC)
Chapter 5. Buy Back or Risk Service Contract
Part III. Coal
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Coal and Pollution
Part IV. Electricity
Chapter 1. Changing Electricity Scenario
Chapter 2. Electricity Reforms in the World
Chapter 3. Power Purchase Agreements
Chapter 4. Nuclear Power
Part V. Renewable Energy
Chapter 1. Overview of Renewables
Chapter 2. Feed in Tariff (FIT)
Chapter 3. Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Mechanism
Part VI. International Energy Law and Environment
Chapter 1. Global Energy Growth and Environment
Chapter 2. Nuclear Energy and Environmental Liability
Chapter 3. The Regulation of Oil Spills from Offshore Installations
Chapter 4. Coal Energy and Pollution
Chapter 5. Electricity and Pollution
Part VII. Unitization and Trans-boundary Issues
Chapter 1. Unitization
Chapter 2. The Inherent Rights of States to Natural Resources
Chapter 3. Cross-Country Pipelines 
Chapter 4. WTO Agreement and Energy
Part VIII. Investment Stability and Energy
Chapter 1. Investment Protection
Chapter 2. Stabilization
Chapter 3. Renegotiation
Chapter 4. Nationalization
Part IX. Energy Business and Human Rights
Chapter 1. Violation of Human Rights
Part X. Sanctions and Energy Business
Part XI. Dispute Settlement in Energy Sector
Chapter 1. Arbitration
Chapter 2. Litigation
Selected Bibliography