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International Encyclopedia Law: Property and Trust Law Online

By Alain Verbeke
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The Property and Trust Law volume of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws series deals with the diversity of rights and interests in all kinds of property and assets. Because property law has developed along completely different lines in the diverse legal families, this practical country-by-country analysis and guide takes a functional approach to the subject matter. The perception that legal solutions, concepts, terms and mechanisms vary, and may even seem at some points to be diametrically opposed, should not conceal the fact that such solutions are often functionally equivalent, in spite of their technical or conceptual differences. This work primarily contains national monographs, based on a standard outline. Due to the tremendous differences in concepts and terminology used in different parts of the world, authors may adapt the structure of their texts to the specific and concrete aspects of their own systems. In addition to national monographs, this work will also focus on international treaties and conventions related to property and trust law. For each country covered the work provides the following: List of Abbreviations General Introduction Selected Bibliography Part I. Immovable Property and Real Property 1. General Classification 2. Legal Interests 3. Equitable Interests 4. Limited Interests 5. Security Interests 6. Joint Ownership 7. Neighbourhood and Urban Problems 8. Agrarian Problems Part II. Movable Property and Personal Property/Chattels 1. General Classification 2. Legal Interests 3. Equitable Interests 4. Security Interests Part III. Acquisition of Property Rights 1. Transfer of Property by Contract Inter vivos 2. Transfer of Property by Death 3. Possession 4. Accession 5. Appropriation 6. Expropriation 7. Insolvency Part IV. Trust and Fiduciary Mechanisms 1. Administration of Property 2. Security Part V. Security 1. Securities in Immovable Property 2. Securities in Movable Property Index

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Table of Contents
FRONT MATTER: International Advisory Board. Encyclopaedias and Editors. Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Laws. Curriculum Vitae of the General Editor. GENERAL SECTION: List of Contributors. Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Property and Trust Law. Curriculum Vitae of the Editor. NATIONAL MONOGRAPHS: Australia, by Dr. S.J. Hepburn. The Philippines, by Marciano Galera Delson. Singapore, by Prof. Sook Yee Tan and Hans Tjio. South Africa, Parts I and II, by Prof.Dr. C.G. van der Merwe, Prof.Dr. D.L. Carey Miller, and Prof.Dr. M.J. De Waal.