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The national monographs in this subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws deal with transport law in its broadest sense: jurisdiction, state immunity, and the main sources of transport law. With reference to maritime law, the reader will find information on the legal status of the vessel, its acquisition, ownership and registration. Other topics discussed are maritime liens and mortgages, the position of master and crew, liability and limitation of liability (L.L.M.C. Convention 1976), charter parties and Transport under Bill of Lading (Hague-Visby Rules), transport by air (Warsaw Convention and related conventions), transport by rail (C.O.T.I.F. Convention) and inland navigation. A special chapter is devoted to Multimodal Transport. Finally, European Union competition law in the field of transport is discussed.

International monographs address marine pollution, salvage, the Hamburg rules, the UN Convention on Multimodal Transport, the Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (the L.L.M.C. 1976 Convention), and the roles of the International Maritime Organization (I.M.O.), the Comiti Maritime International (C.M.I.), and BIMCO.

Each monograph follows the outline below.

The Authors
Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations
General Introduction
Selected Bibliography

Part I: Introduction
1. Definitions and Notions
2. Main Sources of Transport Law
3. Jurisdiction and Courts
4. State Immunity and Transport Law
5. Transport Intermediaries

Part II: Maritime Law
1. The Vessel
2. Maritime Liens and Mortgages
3. Master and Crew
4. Liability and Limitation of Liability in Maritime Law
5. Charter Parties
6. Transport Under Bill of Lading
7. Piloting
8. Towing and Pushing Contract
9. Salvage and Assistance
10. General Average
11. Particular Average
12. Collisions
13. Marine Pollution
14. The Arrest of Ships
15. Carriage of Passengers

Part III: Other Transport
1. Transport by Road
2. Transportation by Rail
3. Inland Navigation
4. Air Transport
5. Multimodal Transportation

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