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International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Private International Law Online

Edited by Bea Verschraegen
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This is the first and only publication to provide comprehensive coverage of national laws on conflict of laws, now more commonly referred to as private international law. It presents country-by-country national monographs dealing with the statutes, regulations and case law each country applies to cases involving transnational issues in, e.g., business, family or inheritance law. It offers every lawyer dealing with questions of conflicts of laws much-needed access to the conflict rules of other countries, presented clearly and concisely by local experts.

Beginning with a general introduction to the private international law of the country concerned, each monograph goes on to discuss:

  • choice of law technique,
  • sources of private international law,
  • the relevant connection with the law of a country and the connecting factors,
  • the rules of choice of law on natural and legal persons,
  • contractual and non-contractual obligations,
  • movable and immovable property,
  • intangible property rights,
  • company law,
  • family law,
  • marriage,
  • cohabitation,
  • registered partnerships,
  • property,
  • maintenance,
  • child law, and
  • succession law, including testamentary dispositions.

This subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws is an excellent guide for lawyers, judges, legal counsel, notaries public, marriage registrars, youth welfare officers, and local public authorities, as well as teachers, students, and legal researchers.

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Last Updated 09/05/2017
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Table of Contents
National Monographs: • Australia (Mr. Martin M. SYCHOLD, Swiss Insitute of Comparative Law) • Belarus (Prof. Aliaksandr DANILEVICH, Belarusian State University) • Czech Republic (Dr. Monika PAUKNEROVA, Charles University, Prague) • Greece (Prof. Spyridon VRELLIS, University of Athens) • India (Prof. K.B. AGRAWAL, Indian Institute of Comparative Law, Jaipur) • Israel (Prof. Talia EINHORN, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Management) • Italy (Mr. Paolo MENGOZZI, Court of 1st Instance of the EC) • New Zealand (Prof. Anthony ANGELO, Victoria University of Wellington) • Nigeria (Prof. Isaac Oluwole AGBEDE, University of Lagos) • Russia (Prof. Olga VOROBIEVA, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA) • Serbia (Prof.Mirko ZIVKOVIC, University of Nis and Prof. Maja STANIVUKOVIC, University of Novi Sad) • South Africa (Prof. Elsabe SCHOEMAN, University of South Africa UNISA) • Spain (Prof. Diego FERNANDEZ-ARROYO, Universidad Complutense, Madrid) • Sweden (Prof. Michael BOGDAN, Lund University) • Turkey (Prof. Gülören TEKINALP, Prof. Ergin NOMER and Ms. Ayse ODMAN, University of Istanbul) • Uruguay (Prof. Gonzalo Arturo LORENZO IDIARTE, Scelza & Montano) • U.S.A. (Prof. Symeon SYMEONIDES, Willamette University)