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International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Medical Law Online

By Herman Nys
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Relating to the practice of medicine in the large sense, this subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws covers national and international medical law. Each national monograph contains, besides a general introduction, a description for the country in question of:: • the law related to the medical profession, such as access to the medical profession, illegal practice of medicine and control over the practice of medicine; • the physician-patient relationship (the rights and duties of physicians and patients) and specific issues such as abortion and euthanasia; and, • the national law dealing with the physician in relation to his colleagues, to other health care providers and the health care system. An international monograph covers the World Health Organization in both its international and regional aspects. A Codex of International Medical Law and Ethics is also included. Forthcoming international monographs will cover international declarations on medical ethics such as the Declaration of Helsinki on Medical Experiments (1964) and the European Code of Medical Ethics. Medical Law is the only publication in this field, analyzing and describing theory and practice in a growing number of countries, including those at the fore-front of medical law and ethics. Click here for the online version.

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Table of Contents
Each monograph follows the outline below. The Authors. Table of Contents. Preface.General Introduction. Selected Bibliography. Part I: The Medical Profession. 1. Access to the Medical Profession. 2. The Practice of Medicine. 3. Illegal Practice of Medicine. 4. Control over the Practice of Medicine. Part II: The Physician-Patient Relationship. 1. General Description. 2. The Physician-Patient Relationship in Specific Terms. 3. Specific Activities. Part III: The Physician and the Health Care System. 1. Collegial Relationships. 2. Relationship with Other Health Care Providers. 3. Relationship with Health Care Institutions. Index. Current Contents: FRONT MATTER: International Advisory Board; Encyclopaedias and Editors; Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Laws; Curriculum Vitae of the General Editor. GENERAL SECTION: Table of Contents; List of Contributors; Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Medical Law; Curriculum Vitae of the Editor. INTERNATIONAL MONOGRAPHS: World Health Organization, by G. L. Burci and C.-H. Vignes; CODEX: International Medical Law and Ethics: Texts and Documents, by H. Nys and C. Trouet. NATIONAL MONOGRAPHS: Australia, by Prof. Dr. D. R. C. Chalmers; Belgium, by Prof. H. Nys; Bulgaria, by Dr. P. Goleva-Panova; Canada, by The Health Law Institute and Prof. T. Caulfield; China, by Prof S. Wang, Ms. A. Cai and Mrs. Y. Wang; Czech Republic, by A. P. den Exter and L. Prudil; France, by Prof. G. Mémeteau; Germany, by Prof. Tade Matthias Spranger; Greece, by Dr. T. B. Koniaris and Dr. A.D. Karlovassitou-Koniari; Hungary, by Dr. J. Sándor; Ireland, by Dr. D. Tomkin and Dr. P. Hanafin; Israel, by Prof. A. Carmi; Malaysia, by Dr. K.A. Choong; The Netherlands, by A. den Exter, Prof. M. Buijsen and Prof. H. Hermans; Nigeria, by Dr. J.A. Yakubu; Peru, by Prof. Dr. Mg.E. Varsi Rospigliosi; Poland, by Prof. M. Nesterowicz, Dr. E. Bagínska and Dr. Den Exter; Singapore, by Mr. T.S.-H. Kaan; Slovak Republic, by Mr. Peter Kovac; South Africa, by Prof. S. A. Strauss; South Pacific, by Prof. Peter Macfarlane; Spain, by Prof. Dr. iur. med. C. M. Romeo-Casabona, J.U. Hernández-Plasencia, and E. Sola-Reche; Sweden, by Prof. L. Westerhäll; Turkey, by Prof. S. Görkey, Prof. T.Güven & Prof. G. Sert; United Kingdom, by Prof. D. Price; United States of America, by Prof. B. Furrow, Prof. T. Greaney, Prof. S. H. Johnson, Prof. T. S. Jost, and Prof. R. Schwartz; Uruguay, by Prof. Dr. P. J. Montano y Gomez de Alía, Prof. Dr. J. J. Puerto González and Dr. M. I. Méndez.