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The International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations is designed to provide information to the international business and labour relations communities; to facilitate comparative research in the field; and to contribute to the growing harmonization of labour law and standards worldwide. With over 76 detailed country-by-country monographs and eleven in-depth international monographs as well as five volumes of case law and five volumes of reprinted legislation, it is by far the most comprehensive work of its kind in existence.

Each national monograph, written by one or more experts in the field from the country under discussion, consists of introductory material including vital statistics, political system, and social values; a historical background note. sources of the state's labour law; and the traditional role of its institutions in industrial relations. Both individual and collective labour relations are covered. International monographs deal with standards set by prominent international organizations such as the Arab Labour Organization, the Council of Europe, the International Labour Organization, the European Community and the OECD, as well as the role of labour law in the work of significant regional organizations.

The work offers factual information and practical insight into both the technical legal and day-to-day aspects of labour relations. It also covers developing trends in the relationship between management and labour. As a result of its breadth of coverage and clear, logical format, the reader gains access to a broad base of information in a single, easy-to-use resource.

For each organization or country covered the work provides:

  • Introduction
  • The General Background
  • Definitions and Concepts
  • The Historical Background
  • Role of Governmental Institutions in the Shaping and Administration of Labour and Industrial Relations Policy
  • Sources of Labour Law
  • International Labour Law
  • The Individual Employment Relation
  • Definitions and Concepts
  • Rights and Duties of the Parties in the Course of the Employment Relationship
  • Working Time, Annual Vacation, Holidays (including Overtime and Sunday Duty)
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • Incapacity to Work (Illness, Accidents at Work, Military Service...)
  • Job Security
  • Protection of Certain Categories of Workers, Protection Against Discrimination in Employment
  • Covenants of Non-Competition
  • Inventions by Employees
  • Settlement of Disputes
  • Collective Labour Relations
  • Trade Union Freedom
  • The Trade Unions and the Employers' Associations
  • Institutional Relations between Employers and Employees
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Strikesand Lock-Outs, Legal Forms of Industrial Action
  • Settlement of Industrial Disputes, Protection of Vital Needs
  • Updated: 12 times per year.
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Last Updated 09/11/2017
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Table of Contents


List of Contributors.

Introducing the Encyclopaedia.

Curriculum Vitae of the Editor in Chief.


Andean Common Market

Arab Labour Organization

Council of Europe

European Social Charter

European Labour Law


Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises  

International Employers Organizations

International Labour Law

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

International Trade Union Movements


Argentina, by Prof. M. Ackerman and Prof. A. O. Goldin.

Australia, by Prof. B.T. Brooks.

Austria, by Prof. Dr. R. Strasser, Prof. Dr. K. Grillberger and Dr. R. Rebhahn.

Belgium, by Prof. Dr. R. Blanpain.

Bolivia, by Prof. E.L. Huailla.

Brazil, by Prof. Dr. A.F. Cesarino Junior, and Dr. M.A. Cardone.

Bulgaria, by Dr. V. Mratchkov.

Canada, by Prof. H.W. Arthurs, Prof. D.D. Carter, Prof. H.J. Glasbeek, Prof. J. Fudge, and Prof. G. Trudeau.

Chile, by Prof. E. Morgado-Valenzuela and Prof. F.W. Errazuriz.

China (People's Rep.), by Prof. Dr. C. Ke.

Colombia, by Prof. G.G. Charry.

Costa Rica, by Prof. Dr. B. Van der Laat and Prof. Dr. A. Godinez.

Czech Republic, by Prof. Dr. M. Belina and Prof. Dr. M. Kalenská.

Denmark, by Prof. P. Jacobsen.

Dominican Republic, by Prof. Dr. L.H. Rueda.

Ecuador, by Prof. Dr. H. Valencia.

Finland, by Dr. A.J. Suviranta.

France, by Prof. M. Despax and Prof. J. Rojot.

Germany, by Prof. Dr. M. Weiss.

Ghana, by Dr. K. Ewusi.

Great Britain, by Prof. B.A. Hepple and S. Fredman.

Greece, by Dr. T.B. Koniaris.

Hong Kong, by N. Sek-Hong.

Hungary, by Prof. L. Nagy.

India, by Dr. C.K. Johri.

Ireland, by Dr. M. Redmond.

Israel, by Prof. Dr. R. Ben-Israel.

Italy, by Prof. Dr. T. Treu.

Jamaica, by D.C. Gordon.

Japan, by Prof. F. Komiya.

Libya, by Prof. Dr. A. Boudahrain.

Luxembourg, by Dr. R. Schintgen.

Malaysia, by Dr. P. Arudsothy.

Mexico, by Prof. E. Alvarez del Castillo.

Morocco, by Prof. Dr. A. Boudahrain.

Nepal, by Prof. A.N. Mathus.

The Netherlands, by Prof. M.G. Rood.

New Zealand, by Prof. J.M. Howells.

Nigeria (Fed. Rep. of), by Prof. E.E. Uvieghara.

Pakistan, by A.H. Khan.

Panama, by Prof. Dr. A. Hoyos.

Papua New Guinea, by M. Daly.

Peru, by Prof. M.P. Cosmopólis.

The Philippines, by R.T. Jimenez.

Poland, by Prof. Dr. M. Matey.

Portugal, by Prof. Dr. M. Pinto.

Romania, by Prof. S. Ghimpu and Prof. A. Ticlea.

Slovak Republic

South Africa, by Prof. J. Piron and Mr. P.A.K. Le Roux.

South Korea, by Prof. Chi Sun Kim.

South Pacific, by Prof. B. Brooks.

Spain, by Prof. Dr. M.A. Olea and Prof. Dr. F. Rodrígues-Sañudo.

Sweden, by Prof. Dr. A. Adlercreutz.

Switzerland, by Prof. A. Berenstein.

Tunisia, by Prof. F. Mechri.

Turkey, by Prof. T. Dereli.

USA, by Prof. A.L. Goldman.

Uruguay, by Prof. H.-H. Barbagelata.

Venezuela, by Prof. M.C. Pietri.

Yugoslavia, by Prof. Dr. V. Brajic.

Published as separate binders: Legislation. Codex. Case Law. European Works Council (also separately available).

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