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International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Family and Succession Law

Edited by Walter Pintens


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Family and succession law are tightly bound together. Succession law is usually based on kindred relationships as established by family law. The trends established in the marital property laws and succession laws are often a result of developments in family law.

Equality of spouses and of all children, regardless of their descent, is not without consequences for marital property laws and succession law. Therefore, this comprehensive comparative looseleaf set covers family law together with marital property law and succession law.

In addition to the national monographs that follow the outline below, this subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws currently includes a monograph for the European Union. Forthcoming supplements will include international monographs describing the activities of several international organizations in the domain of family and succession law, such as the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and the International Commission on Civil Status.

This set is primarily intended for judges, notaries, lawyers, and registrars of civil status who find themselves having to apply foreign laws as a result of applicable law rules of international private law. However, it is also of great value to academics and researchers, for whom it stimulates comparative studies by providing the necessary basic materials of family and succession law.

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Table of Contents

Table of contents

List of abbreviations


General Introduction

Part I. Persons

Chapter 1. The status of a person
Chapter 2. Registration of civil status
Chapter 3. Personality rights
Chapter 4. Names
Chapter 5. Nationality
Chapter 6. Domicile and residence
Chapter 7. Mentally handicapped persons

Part II. Family Law

Chapter 1. Marriage
Chapter 2. Divorce
Chapter 3. Cohabitation without marriage
Chapter 4. Filiation
Chapter 5. Adoption
Chapter 6. Parental authority
Chapter 7. Guardianship
Chapter 8. Kinship and relationships of affinity

Part III. Matrimonial Property Law

Chapter 1. Rights and obligations of spouses
Chapter 2. The marriage settlement
Chapter 3. The legal matrimonial regime
Chapter 4. Conventional matrimonial regimes

Part IV. Succession Law

Chapter 1. Intestate succession
Chapter 2. Testamentary succession
Chapter 3. Acts inter vivos related to the estate
Chapter 4. Acquisition and administration of the estate

Selected bibliography


For more information and an up-to-date list of the countries for this looseleaf, go to KluwerLawOnline.