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International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Cyber Law

By Jos Dumortier


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Electronic commerce has led to specific legal problems, for example, with regard to evidence, liability, consumer protection or payment. The convergence between broadcasting, telecommunications and digital information technology has created a new platform for public information with all the related legal issues.

The domain has acquired sufficient stability to fit into a common structure. A logical consequence of this evolution is the publication of an international encyclopaedia of cyber law. The Encyclopaedia consists primarily in a series of national monographs, treating the different legal subjects related to information and communication technology on the basis of a common standard outline. The outline contains, besides a general introduction, seven main parts:

  • Regulation of the ICT Market
  • Protection of Intellectual Property in the ICT Sector
  • IICT Contracts
  • Electronic Transactions
  • Non-Contractual Liability
  • Privacy Protection
  • Computer-Related Crime

Besides the national monographs, this Encyclopaedia also contains monographs on supranational and international cyber law issues. Examples are the monographs on European Union cyber law or on international and global telecommunications law. The Encyclopaedia provides further an International Cyber Law Codex with important international texts in this field. The initial volume of the Encyclopaedia contains information about cyber laws in Australia and Hong Kong; however, other countries will be incorporated as the Encyclopaedia matures.

As broadcasting, telecommunications, and digital information technology have converged, legal problems - and their solutions - have mushroomed. Areas like evidence and discovery have vastly changed, and concepts like “signature” and “in writing,” once simple, have become incredibly complex.

In addition, the explosion of electronic commerce has further fueled the growth of cyber law. The increasing volume - and complexity - of commercial activity has given rise to litigation and regulation on topics like liability, payments, consumer protection, copyright and much more. As a result, the law has continued to evolve, and cyber law is the natural result of this evolution.

These three volumes currently include legal documents and monographs from Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. With updates automatically sent risk-free twice a year, theEncyclopaedia will soon include:
  • Coverage of Italy, China, India, and more!
  • Papers on European cyber law and international and global telecommunications law
  • An International Cyber Law Codex, providing important international texts and ICT law

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