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The national monographs in this subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws provide a general insight into criminal law and procedure in different countries. For each country, an introduction presents the requisite background knowledge for understanding the principles of criminal justice, and then proceeds to a detailed examination of substantive criminal law - its general principles, the principles of criminal responsibility or liability, and the grounds for the justification of criminal offences.

A third part is focused upon criminal procedure in each country: the general characteristics of the procedure, the organization of investigation, pre-trial proceedings, trial stage and appeals. A final part covers the execution and extinction of the sanctions.


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Table of Contents
Each monograph follows the outline below. Introduction. The Authors. Table of Contents. List of Abbreviations. Preface. General Introduction. Selected Bibliography. Part I: Substantive Criminal Law. 1. General Principles. 2. Scope of Application of Criminal Statutes.3. General Principles of Criminal Liability. 4. Justification, Excuse and Other Grounds of Impunity.5. Incomplete or Partly Perpetrated Criminal Offences. 6. Classification and Survey of Criminal Offences.7. The Sanctioning System. Part II: Criminal Procedure. 1. Principles, Institutions, Stages. 2. Powers, Rights and Duties in the Pre-Trial Proceedings. 3. The Inquiry in Court. Part III: Execution and Extinction of Sanctions.1. Sources of Penitentiary Law and Nature of Regulations. 2. General Principles Concerning the Execution of Sentences and Orders. 3. The Prison System. 4. Extinction of Sanctions or Sentences. General Conclusions. Index. Current Contents FRONT MATTER: International Advisory Board; Encyclopaedias and Editors; Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Laws; Curriculum Vitae of the General Editor. GENERAL SECTION: List of Contributors; Introducing the International Encyclopaedia of Criminal Law; Curriculum Vitae of the Editors. NATIONAL MONOGRAPHS: Belgium, by Prof. L. Dupont and Prof. C. Fijnaut; Bulgaria, by Prof. T. Hinova and Prof. E. Trendafilova-Batchvarova; Canada, by Prof. A. N. Young; Chile, by S. I. Politoff, F. A. J. Koopmans, and M. C. Ramírez;China, by Prof. Mi Zhou and Prof. Shizhou Wang; Denmark, by Prof. L.B. Langsted, Judge P. Garde, and Prof. V. Greve; Greece/ Hellas, by Prof. I.G. Anagnostopoulos and Prof. K.D. Magliveras; Hong Kong, by Mr. W. Ho India, by V. Vinayak Palkar; Kenya, by F. D. P. Situma; Morocco, by Prof. Dr. M. Amzazi; The Netherlands, by Dr. J. A. W. Lensing; Portugal, by M. J. Antunes and P. Caeiro; Singapore, by Prof. K. L. Koh and Y. L. Tan; South Africa, by Prof. J. R. L. Milton, Prof. S. E. van der Merwe, and Prof. D. Van Zyl Smit; Turkey, by Dr. F. Yenisey; Uganda, by Prof. D. D. N. Nsereko; United Kingdom (England and Wales), by Prof. L.H. Leigh and Prof. J.E. Hall Williams; Yugoslavia, by Prof. Z. Stojanovi´c, Prof. O. Peri´c and D. Ignjatovi´c; Zimbabwe, by Prof. G. Feltoe.