Store International Business Transactions: Commentary, Forms and Documents
International Business Transactions: Commentary, Forms and Documents

International Business Transactions: Commentary, Forms and Documents



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This unmatched resource combines a looseleaf of practical business contract information--including a guide to international business developments and a checklist of legislation to consider when drafting contracts--with a complete disk of forms and documents for practitioners to adapt and use.

Forms provided include general licensing agreements, software licensing, turnkey contract, branch establishment, appointment of foreign company directors, letters of credit, joint ventures, performance bonds, EEC antitrust notification, arbitration clauses, and choice of law clauses.

Users simply type in the applicable names and dates and this software automatically generates a first draft from which to work. Generating a first draft this way saves time for more complex aspects of a deal and provides a jumping-off point for considering the various aspects of the applicable contract. The accompanying looseleaf guidance takes the guesswork out of spotting potentially significant issues when tailoring the contract to a particular situation.

An introduction and commentary accompany each form. Annual supplements update the contracts and add new ones.

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Last Updated 07/31/2017
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Table of Contents
  1. Volume 1
  2. Business Format Franchising
  3. Sole Distributorship Agreements
  4. International Bank Guarantees
  5. Performance Bonds
  6. Joint Ventures
  7. Formation of a High-Technology Company in the United States
  8. Service Agreements for Multinational Corporate Executives in the United Kingdom
  9. Technical Assistance Contracts


  10. Selected International Contract Clauses
  11. Foreign Investment (Republic of China)
  12. Settling International Disputes through Arbitration
  13. Basic Provisions in International Sales, Licensing and Distribution Agreements
  14. Software Licensing Agreements
  15. European Communities Notification of Distribution Agreement
  16. Know-How Licensing
  17. International Licensing Agreements
  18. Acquisition Agreements: Purchase of Stock for Cash
  19. United States Construction Contracts
  20. Agency Contracts
  21. Letters of Credit
  22. Security Offerings, Continuous Reporting Obligations, and American Depositary Receipt Programs
  23. The Liechtenstein Trust
  24. Distribution Agreement
  25. Quotaholder Agreement
  26. Production Rights Agreement

    Volume 3

  27. Secured Lending Agreements
  28. Confidentiality Agreement
  29. Partnership Agreements
  30. Sponsorship and Marketing Agreements
  31. Intellectual Property Indemnities
  32. Letter of Intent and Confidentially
  33. The Law of Guaranty in the United States
  34. Completion Accounts
  35. Mediation Agreement
  36. Sales Representative Agreement
  37. Franchising Agreements
  38. Indemnification in Arrangements in Business Combinations
  39. Indemnity Agreements
  40. Expatriation Contracts
  41. Arbitration in International Business Transactions
  42. Due Diligence Analysis
  43. Consulting Agreement for Software Development in The United States
  44. Transponder Purchase Agreement
  45. Patent and know-how Licensing Agreement
  46. Protection of Foreign Investors in the articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  47. Agency Agreement under Brazilian Law
  48. Mandate Agreement ;

;Volume 4

  1. Sellers’ Protection on Earn-Out Consideration
  2. Term Loan Facility
  3. Supplementary International Commercial Arbitration Clauses
  4. Limitations on Claims
  5. Crossborder Acquisition of Shares