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International Business Acquisitions. Major Legal Issues and Due Diligence - Fourth Edition by

International Business Acquisitions. Major Legal Issues and Due Diligence - Fourth Edition

Edited by Michael Whalley, Ralf Kurney


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World Law Group Series Volume 9

The ever-increasing number and diversity of international acquisition transactions means that every successful company needs to develop or acquire the resources to compete on an international scale. If your business needs to:

  • Access foreign markets;
  • Provide foreign production or marketing capacity;
  • Obtain regulatory approvals;
  • Acquire complementary product or service lines;
  • Spread product, service or market risk and reduce costs; or
  • Identify and exploit underperforming assets or businesses

… then you need to be sure you’re acting on the most up to date and professional guidance available.

Now in its fourth edition, the internationally acclaimed International Business Acquisitions provides you with a clear guide to the major legal issues and the process of informed due diligence in each jurisdiction.

This user-friendly work acts as an easily accessed desk reference for lawyers, business executives and others concerned with the acquisition of the securities or business assets of a company located outside their own national jurisdiction. It is also directly relevant if you are representing the sellers in such transactions, as you will need to anticipate and prepare for the foreign buyer’s requirements and concerns.

Despite significant harmonization within the EU, the legal practices, requirements and pitfalls relevant to cross border transactions tend to be different in every country. However, increasingly common standards and documentation are now being introduced. The essential country-by-country presentations described here will help to guide you through the differences. To help you compare them as easily as possible, the author presents each country contribution in a common format.

As in previous editions, the subject of due diligence is treated in a separate chapter, with individual country annotations.

What’s new in this edition?

In addition to updating and considerably expanding the content, the author has included notable new features such as:

  • New contributions from Chile, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Thailand and Turkey, making a total of 40 jurisdictions covered
  • Discussion of the continuing impact of European Union regulations and directives on corporate transactions, and the increasing impact of bilateral trade and investment treaties
  • A new emphasis in due diligence enquiries on privacy, anti-money-laundering and bribery (corrupt practices) compliance and the ownership and use of domain names and social media links
  • A review of the continuing increase in the sophistication and harmonisation of competition (antitrust) laws

International Business Acquisitions is the result of a co-operative effort by member firms of the World Law Group, an alliance of 50+ leading independent firms with more than 15,000 lawyers working in 65 countries and in more than 300 international business centres.

You can therefore be confident that the advice and coverage within this book will help you in all aspects of your work with international acquisitions.

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Table of Contents


Editors’ Preface to the First Edition.

Editors’ Preface to the Fourth Edition.

List of Editors and Contributors.

CHAPTER 1 International Acquisitions.

CHAPTER 2 Major Legal Issues.

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