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International Bank and  Other Guarantees Handbook: Europe by AUBIN

International Bank and Other Guarantees Handbook: Europe

Edited by Yann Aubin, Louis de Longeaux, Jean-Claude Vecchiatto


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International Bank and Other Guarantees Handbook provides an in-depth review of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to guarantees. Guarantees provide a party (beneficiary) with assurances that the underlying contract (for the delivery of goods or services or financing) will be performed on its original terms or that it will be indemnified in case of failure to do so. The knowledge of guarantees and their functioning under various national jurisdictions are essential for principals, guarantors and beneficiaries, particularly while framing international contracts. This enormously useful handbook provides a practical overview of the guarantee regimes in twenty-eight European countries, with country-by-country contributions from regional expert practitioners and academics. For easy comparison, each country report follows the same structure, from preliminary discussion on the provisions of a guarantee to its negotiation, drafting and enforcement.

What’s in this book:
Focusing on specific issues to consider at every stage, each chapter provides detailed information and guidance on such aspects as the following:

  • who can issue guarantees;
  • limitations as to the type of obligations which may be subject to a guarantee;
  • issues relating to the protection of the contracting parties;
  • formal requirements which need to be complied with;
  • stamp duties or other taxes;
  • presence of implied terms;
  • legal framework applicable to joint and several obligations;
  • modification of the situation;
  • conditions for release and actions to be taken to ensure a valid release;
  • defences available to the guarantor;
  • opening of bankruptcy proceedings against the principal;
  • court enforcement; and
  • incorporation of uniform rules.

Each chapter includes references and model guarantee forms that readers can use to draft their own documents. This handbook contains a chart summarising each guarantee (with their salient features) and a number of standard guarantees available online.

How this will help you:
Following an identical structure, each country chapter helps to gain an easy and quick access to practical responses to the questions that practitioners have when setting up or managing a guarantee in Europe. Invaluable to corporate counsel and law firms with an international practice, this peerless handbook proves the first order of business in trade negotiations across Europe, among European nations themselves as well as with their global partners.


Publish Date 07/24/2017
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041141200
SKU 10057994-0001
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Tibor Fabian & Ingebord Edel

Chapter 2 Austria

Tibor Fabian & Ingebord Edel

Chapter 3 Belgium

Frédéric Heremans

Chapter 4 Bulgaria

Yavor Kostov & Asya Dyankova

Chapter 5 Czech Republic

Vladímír Cížek & Natálie Rosová

Chapter 6 Denmark

Thomas Kaas

Chapter 7 Estonia

Martin Käerdi

Chapter 8 France

Louis de Longeaux

Chapter 9 Germany

Markus Hohmuth

Chapter 10 Greece

Ioanna (Rea) Antonopoulou & Elisabeth Eleftheriades

Chapter 11 Hungary

Ákos Bajorfi

Chapter 12 Iceland

Baldvin Björn Haraldsson & Stefán Reykjalín

Chapter 13 Ireland

Catherine Duffy & Niamh McMahon

Chapter 14 Italy

Martina Marmo & Stefano Padovani

Chapter 15 Latvia

Andrejs Lielkalns

Chapter 16 Lithuania

Vytautas Želvys & Jaunius Gumbis

Chapter 17 Luxembourg

Marie Nounckele & Jean-Marc Delcour

Chapter 18 Malta

Luca Amato & Nicolai Vella Falzon

Chapter 19 Netherlands

E.J. (Erik) Cornelissen

Chapter 20 Norway

Erik Bakke, Tonje Bae Kvendbø & Trine Kirke

Chapter 21 Poland

Jakub Jedrzejak & Katarzyna Kozak

Chapter 22 Portugal

Duarte Brito de Goes, André Fernandes Bento & Ana Sofia Rendeiro

Chapter 23 Romania

Alina Radu, Monia Mildred Hantig, Maria Luiza Hoaghia, Razvan Olaru & Ioana Cioclei

Chapter 24 Slovakia

Sona Hekelová & Peter Devínsky

Chapter 25 Slovenia

Simon Tertnik & Vid Kobe

Chapter 26 Spain

Emilio Díaz Ruiz, Pilar Lluesma Rodrigo & Isabel Aguilar Alonso

Chapter 27 Sweden

Per Lagerkvist, Olof Hagberg & Preeti Dhillon

Chapter 28 Switzerland

Alexandre Both & Tervel Stoyanov

Chapter 29 United Kingdom

Rachel Campbell