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Volume 13 of ICCA Congress Series, International Arbitration 2006: Back to Basics?, contains the proceedings of the 13th ICCA Congress held in Montreal in 2006, where international commercial arbitration specialists from around the world gathered to glean fresh insights on fundamental issues, focusing on three central themes. The Reports and Commentary presented in Working Group A of the Congress concentrate on Re-examining the Arbitration Agreement. Leading experts explore crucial topics, including:

  • The autonomy of the arbitration agreement;
  • The arbitrators ’jurisdiction to determine jurisdiction;
  • The law applicable to the arbitration agreement; and
  • Treaties as agreements to arbitrate.

Working Group B sessions examine Contemporary Practice in the Conduct of Proceedings and cover procedural aspects in Round Tables on:

  • Fact testimony;
  • Document production;
  • The effective use of legal and technical experts; and
  • Oral Argument
    and in Reports and Commentary on:
  • Arbitral Provisional Measures: The Actual Practice; and
  • Evidentiary Privileges

The volume concludes with the papers generated from the Congress’s Plenary Session on Commercial Arbitration and Transnational Public Policy and Treaty Arbitration and International Law.

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Table of Contents

PREFACE Albert Jan van den Berg, General Editor WORKING GROUP A: RE-EXAMINING THE ARBITRATION AGREEMENT 1. The Arbitration Agreement: Still Autonomous? Moderator: Werner Melis 2. Jurisdiction to Determine Jurisdiction Moderator: Loukas Mistelis 3. Control of Jurisdiction by Injunctions Issued by National Courts Moderator: Carlos Nehrino Netto 4. Protection of Jurisdiction by Injunctions Issued by Arbitral Tribunals Moderator: Marorete Stevens 5. Applicable Law - Consensus or Confusion? Moderator: Ivan Szasz 6. Jurisdiction Over Non-signatories: National Contract Law or International Arbitral Practice Moderator: Ulf Franke 7. Treaties as Agreements to Arbitrate Moderator: Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler WORKING GROUP B: CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE IN THE CONDUCT OF PROCEEDINGS 1. Round Table on Document Production Moderator: Arthur Marriott 2. Round Table on Fact Testimony Moderator: Marc Lalonde 3. Evidentiary Privileges Moderator: William K. Slate 4. Arbitral Provisional Measures: The Actual Practice Moderator: Fali S. Nariman 5. Round Table on Legal Experts Moderator: Karl-Heinz Backstiegel 6. Round Table on Damages and Technical Experts Moderator: John Beechey 7. Round Table on Techniques for Eliciting Expert Testimony Moderator: Yves Derains 8. Round Table on Oral Argument Moderator: V. V. Veeder PLENARY SESSION 1. Commercial Arbitration and Transnational Public Policy Moderator: Donald Francis Donovan 2. Treaty Arbitration and International Law Moderator: Donald Francis Donovan, Table of contents, Closing ceremony, List of Participants, List of ICCA Officers and Members

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