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Improving Workplace Quality: New Pespectives and Challenges for Worker Well-Being by BLANPAIN

Improving Workplace Quality: New Perspectives and Challenges for Worker Well-Being

Edited by William Bromwich, Olga Rymkevich


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Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations Volume 97

Improving Workplace Quality casts light on the most recent developments in the field of worker well-being with contributions from a number of disciplinary domains (law, economics, organization theory, sociology, etc.). A consensus has developed in workplace studies around the concept of ‘well-being at work’ in an awareness that such apparently distinct aspects as health and safety, discrimination, labour market integration, and work-life balance converge in the workplace and are best treated as one complex phenomenon. This important book provides an in-depth analysis of ongoing changes in the world of work and their impact on personal well-being. The contributors place specific workplace experiences in a comparative perspective, examining policy and regulatory initiatives and judicial rulings at national, regional, and international levels.

What’s in this book:

This book offers twelve contributions by distinguished international scholars from a range of disciplinary domains – the case studies are drawn from Italy, France, the United States, Russia, and other developing countries. The essays examine recent legal developments in such topical issues as:

  • typical and non-standard work;
  • childcare leave;
  • company-level welfare provisions;
  • disability;
  • harassment;
  • low-wage workers and employment benefits;
  • misperception discrimination;
  • public policy in care services;
  • unemployment and mental health; and
  • work/family conciliation policies.

How this will help you:

This book covers an increasingly popular topic from various perspectives providing a detailed overview of recent developments in policy and jurisprudence regarding discrimination, work-life balance, and workers’ integration into the labour market – as well as a guide to best practices in promoting well-being at work. As a stimulus for further reflection in relation to innovative measures in the field of worker well-being, this book proves indispensable to labour and employment law practitioners, as well as to work organization, occupational medicine, mental health, and human resources professionals.

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Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors

Editors’ Preface

PART I Discrimination in the Workplace

CHAPTER 1 To Be Aggrieved by “Misperception Discrimination” in the Workplace D. Wendy Greene

CHAPTER 2 Work-Life Balance and the Use of Child-Care Leave by Fathers Serving in the Military: The Case of Konstantin Markin v. Russia
Elena Gerasimova

CHAPTER 3 Disability and Age Discrimination in Employment: Compliance of Russian Law with International Labour Standards
Nikita L. Lyutov

CHAPTER 4 Psychosocial Risk of Harassment at Work: Comparative Research of French and Italian Experience and Possible Implications for Russia Elena Sychenko

CHAPTER 5 Low-Wage Workers and Employment Benefits in the United States: A Bleak Forecast Trina Jones

PART II Company Welfare and Work-Life Balance

CHAPTER 6 The Use of Paternity Leave in the Private Sector: The Role of Company-Level Welfare Provisions Maddalena Cannito

CHAPTER 7 Flexibility Tools For Part-Time Work: The Italian Jobs Act Carla Spinelli

CHAPTER 8 Well-Being at and Through Digital Work? Marco Tufo

Part III  Health, Well-Being and Workers’ Integration in the Labour Market

CHAPTER 9 Improving Return to Work and Disability Management in the Developing World: Pointers Emanating from International Instruments,
Standards and Guidelines Marius Olivier & Avinash Govindjee

CHAPTER 10 [email protected]: The Comprehensive Health and Well-Being Programme of the European Commission Ubaldo Macchitella & Giorgio Gallizioli

CHAPTER 11 Company-Level Welfare and Public Policies in Care Services Daniela Oliva & Giorgio Luigi Risso

CHAPTER 12 The Adverse Impact of Unemployment on Mental Health in the Province of Modena, Italy Tindara Addabbo, Elena Sarti & Fabrizio Starace