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Hospital Law Manual

By Nathan Hershey, Christopher Holt
Book - Looseleaf

Book - Looseleaf

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For more than 40 years, Hospital Law Manual has been known throughout the health care industry as the definitive guide to the legal responsibilities and liabilities of health care providers and institutions. Why? Because this comprehensive reference explains federal and state laws with clarity and insight, giving you the information you need to assess your risk, explore your options, and avoid liability.

Prepared by a blue-ribbon team of health law experts and updated quarterly, it offers the authoritative and timely analysis you need to fully understand the issues, and make tough decisions with complete confidence.

A Must-Have for Busy Practitioners!

Organized for everyday use, Hospital Law Manual comes to you in five, easy access volumes and a companion CD-ROM. Volumes I-IV offer detailed, up-to-date, relevant analysis of every major health law issue, from federal regulation of managed care organizations, to state-mandated service coverage requirements, corporate liability, legal requirements for patient medical records, pharmacy, reimbursement issues, physician relationships with hospitals, and much more. Presented by topic in convenient "tabbed" sections, you'll find point-by-point analysis of more than 1,000 federal cases, state-by-state analysis of key legal concerns, sample forms and checklists, plus 'hands-on' advice and practical guidance from experienced health law attorneys.

Get Full Text of the Most Important Health Care Laws!

Volume V contains valuable resources to streamline your research further. You'll get the latest regulations, rules and government guidance on the delivery of health care services including: ;

  • Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • False Claims Act
  • Anti-kickback Statute
  • Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA)
  • Sherman Antitrust Act
  • Medicare/Medicaid Conditions of Participation
  • Stark Laws and Regulations
  • And many more!

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Table of Contents
  1. Admitting and Discharge
  2. AIDS in Health Care
  3. Antitrust
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. Consent to Medical and Surgical Procedures
  6. Dying, Death, and Dead Bodies
  7. Environmental Issues
  8. Reimbursement Issues
  9. Governing Board Immunity from Liability
  10. Labor
  11. Laboratory
  12. Hospital Licensure
  13. Managed Care
  14. Medical Records
  15. Medical Staff
  16. Pharmacy
  17. Principles of Hospital Liability
  18. Reproductive Issues
  19. Taxation Issues for Health Care Facilities
  20. Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
  21. Health Care Contracting
  22. Health Care Fraud and Abuse