Store Healthcare Hospital Contracts Manual, Second Edition
Hospital Contracts Manual, Second Edition Hospital Contracts Manual, Second Edition

Hospital Contracts Manual, Second Edition

By Christina W. Fleps
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No hospital or health care facility can afford the disastrous results of a contract gone wrong. Hospital Contracts Manual provides practical, authoritative guidance so you can eliminate the possibility of unexpected and undesirable contractual results. Virtually every contractual issue that health care facilities face is covered in detail, including:

  • Shared services
  • Physician compensation
  • Management contracts
  • Managed care contracts
  • Fraud and abuse compliance
  • Antitrust
  • And so much more!

With Hospital Contracts Manual, you'll learn what contract will best meet your hospital's goals, what should be included in a particular contract, the implications of specific clauses and phrases, and how to ensure that your facility's interests are fully protected.

Specifically, Hospital Contracts Manual:

  • Leads you step-by-step to contracts that meet your hospital's objectives and minimize your risk
  • Explains and weighs pros and cons of the most common agreements in each contract area
  • Offers a comprehensive library of proven sample agreements, checklists, forms, clauses, and provisions
  • Is written in user-friendly language, without confusing "legalese"
  • And much more!

Hospital Contracts Manual has been updated to include:

  • Coverage of all major types of contracts for hospitals and health centers including contracts for personnel, facilities, supplies, equipment, research, IT, grants
  • Special considerations for contracts of religiously affiliated hospitals
  • Discussion of major applicable laws for all contract types
  • Contract clauses and explanations for all contract types
  • Complete sample contracts for most contract types
  • Samples and explanations of all standard contract clauses
  • Primer on effective negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Sample policies, checklists, tips, and other quick references
Publish Date 12/05/2018
Publish Frequency Updated semi-annually
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781454888802
SKU 10064790-7777
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
SKU 000000000010048274
Table of Contents
  • Glossary of Health Care, Health Insurance, Health Reform, and Contract Terms
  • Chapter 1 Contracts and Negotiation Basics
  • Chapter 2 Professional and Management Contracts
  • Chapter 3 Space and Equipment Contracts
  • Chapter 4 Third-Party Payers
  • Chapter 5 Design and Construction Contracts
  • Chapter 6 Managed Care Contracts
  • Chapter 7 Church Sponsored Provider Contracts 
  • Chapter 8 Research and Development Contracts
  • Chapter 9 Bodies of Law Affecting Contracts
  • Index