Store International Hiring the Best Qualified & Most Talented Employees: Handbook on Global Recruiting, Screening, Testing and Interviewing Cri
Hiring the Best Qualified & Most Talented Employees: Handbook on Global Recruiting, Screening, Testing and Interviewing Cri

Hiring the Best Qualified & Most Talented Employees: Handbook on Global Recruiting, Screening, Testing and Interviewing Cri

By Salvador Del Rey, Robert J. Mignin


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Many global companies want to establish a uniform culture among talented employees with common company values at all levels of the organization at all operations throughout the world.

As companies expand their global operations, and as competition within and across jurisdictions increases, companies want to upgrade their workforce and hire the “very best” and “most talented” employees in each country where they have operations. Successful recruiting, interviewing and screening of candidates – from the lowest to the highest level within the organization - will reduce turnover and other costs in the long run and increase profitability.

As companies expand their global operations, in-house and outside counsel and H.R. representatives are more regularly being asked to provide advice on the following issues:

• What, if any, policies and procedures can a company adopt on a global basis to hire the best employees?

• What, if any, information can be requested of a candidate on an employment application?

• What, if any, questions can be asked of a candidate in an interview?

• What, if any, information needs to be shared with the candidate about the company or about the job?

• What, if any, pre-employment medical tests or exams or other tests can be required of a candidate?

This handbook will provide both legal and practical answers to these questions and discuss the delicate balance between maintaining the privacy rights of employees with the business interests of employers.

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Table of Contents

About the Editors, List of Contributors, Foreword, Countries, Outline of Recruiting, Screening, Testing, Interviewing and Hiring Criteria Chapter One Argentina Ignacio Funes de Rioja & Eduardo J. Vin˜ales Chapter Two Austria Dr. Georg Schima, Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Susanne Koppel Chapter Three Australia Russell Allen & Darren Gardner Chapter Four Belgium Chris Van Olmen & Marian Dewaersegger Chapter Five Brazil Luis Fernando Cintra & Nadia Demoliner Lacerda Chapter Six Bulgaria Polina Panayotova & Kalina Tchakarova Chapter Seven Canada Roy L. Heenan & Robert Bonhomme Chapter Eight Chile Enrique Munita, Cristia´n Olavarrı´a & Ian Henrı´quez Chapter Nine Columbia Pilar Lo´pez Barrientos, Carolina Porras Ramı´rez & Sylvia Helena Garcı´a Chapter Ten Costa Rica Federico Solı´s & Giselle Solı´s Chapter Eleven Cyprus George Z. Georgiou & Sarah E. Forster Chapter Twelve The Czech Republic Natasˇa Randlova´ & Mate˘j Dane˘k Chapter Thirteen Denmark Mariann Norrbom & Marianne Granhøj Chapter Fourteen Dominican Republic Norman G. De Castro Campbell & Isabel Laura Andrickson Martinez Chapter Fifteen Estonia Heili Haabu & Sven Papp Chapter Sixteen Finland Eva Nordman, Tiina Hakri & Anna Savolainen Chapter Seventeen France Pascale Lagesse & Katell Berthou Chapter Eighteen Germany Dr. Gerlind Wisskirchen Chapter Nineteen Greece Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Kremalis Chapter Twenty Guatemala Jorge Rolando Barrios & Renato Cheng Chapter Twenty-one Honduras Carlos Lopez Luna, Manuel Lopez Samra & Sergio Guillermo Bendan˜a Chapter Twenty-two Hong Kong Pattie Walsh & Alison Smith Chapter Twenty-three Hungary Gyo¨rgy Fehe´r, Judit Nagy & Kinga Pe´terva´ri Chapter Twenty-four India Manishi Pathak, Debjani C. Aich & Rajeev Nanda Chapter Twenty-five Ireland Marcus Beresford & Laura Wyse Chapter Twenty-six Israel Paul Baris & Shira Lahat Chapter Twenty-seven Italy Franco Toffoletto & Valeria Morosini Chapter Twenty-eight Japan Keiichiro Sue Chapter Twenty-nine Korea Brendon Carr & Sun-Hee Kim Chapter Thirty Luxembourg Guy Castegnaro & Ariane Claverie Chapter Thirty-one Malaysia Peh Lee Kheng & Alan Sunil Netto Chapter Thirty-two Mexico Oscar de la Vega & Monica Schiaffino Chapter Thirty-three Morocco Zineb Idrissia Hamzi Chapter Thirty-four The Netherlands Els de Wind, Wieke van Eekhout & Anneke Meulenveld Chapter Thirty-five New Zealand Rob Towner & Liz Caughley Chapter Thirty-six Nicaragua Blanca Munguia Vanegas & Olinda Ramı´rez Blanco Chapter Thirty-seven Norway Claude A. Lenth & Therese Høyer Grimstad Chapter Thirty-eight Panama Jetzabel Luque, Marlene Naranjo & Julio Ce´sar Contreras III Chapter Thirty-nine Peru Fernando Elı´as Mantero Chapter Forty The Philippines Emerico O. De Guzman Chapter Forty-one Portugal Ineˆs Reis & Bruno Soeiro Barbosa Chapter Forty-two Puerto Rico Radame´s (Rudy) A. Torruella, Esq Chapter Forty-three Romania Adriana Gaspar, Luminita Dima & Roxana Ionescu Chapter Forty-four Russia Irina Anuykhina, Olga Pimanova & Anna Berlina Chapter Forty-five Singapore A