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Handbook on Product Standards and International Trade: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in India by NEDUMPARA

Handbook on Product Standards and International Trade: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in India

Edited by James J. Nedumpara, Satwik Shekhar, Akshaya Venkataraman


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Global Trade Law Series, Volume 55

About this book:

Handbook on Product Standards and International Trade is a pioneering book extensively describing the nature of standard-setting processes in India and the key agencies involved with this task, greatly clarifying the scope of trade and market access opportunities in the country. India, one of the world’s foremost trading nations, parades a particularly complex regulatory landscape with diverse standard-setting bodies, regulators, accreditation and certification bodies, inspection agencies, as well as several state-level regulators. 

What’s in this book:

Lucid contributions from experienced practitioners, policymakers and regulators with first-hand experience in formulating and advising on issues related to standards in international trade help disentangle the web of laws, regulations, operations, and functions of India’s standard setters in governmental, non-governmental, and industry contexts. The chapters describe how standards apply to crucial trade and regulatory aspects as the following:

  • conformity assessment practice and procedure;
  • environmental, ethical, social, and safety issues;
  • import bans and import licensing;
  • certification and labelling measures;
  • mutual recognition agreements;
  • food safety; and
  • standardisation of the digital economy.

Drafted in an easy-to-read style, with numerous tables, flowcharts, and figures illustrating step-by-step compliance procedures, this book also provides informative annexes to guide the reader to relevant agencies and identify their roles and responsibilities.

How this will help you:

A clear and succinct guide to the operations, functions, and compliance, and documentation requirements of India’s standard-setting and regulatory bodies across all sectors and products, this book will be highly appreciated by manufacturers, traders, and exporters operating in the Indian market or seeking to export to India. It will also prove to be a useful Handbook to policymakers, academics, and researchers interested in understanding the role of standard-setting bodies in the field of international trade.

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Editors’ Introduction: Handbook on Product Standard and International Trade – Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in India
James J. Nedumpara, Satwik Shekhar & Akshaya Venkataraman

CHAPTER 1 Trade Regulation of Product Standards: An Overview
James J. Nedumpara, Satwik Shekhar & Akshaya Venkataraman

CHAPTER 2 Technical Regulations and Standards: Lessons Learnt from TBT Disputes
Arthur Appleton

CHAPTER 3 Product Regulations: Designing a Development-Friendly FTA – An Indian Perspective
Shailja Singh

CHAPTER 4 Standards and the WTO Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures
Aparna Bhattacharya & Trishna Menon

CHAPTER 5 Standards Ecosystem and Standardization Activities in India
James J. Nedumpara, Satwik Shekhar & Akshaya Venkataraman

CHAPTER 6 Conformity Assessment Practices and Procedures
Smrithi Bhasker & Apoorva Singh Vishnoi

CHAPTER 7 Mutual Recognition Agreements: An International and Indian Perspective
Manya Gupta & Rishabha Meena

CHAPTER 8 Food Safety Ecosystem in India: A Regulator’s View
Rita Teaotia

CHAPTER 9 Understanding the SPS Regulatory Framework in the Indian Context
Ashish Chandra & Anupal Dasgupta

CHAPTER 10 India’s Initiatives in Addressing Food Safety: The Concerns with Maximum Residue Levels
Murali Kallummal, Malvika Shetty & Hari Maya Gurung

CHAPTER 11 Services Standards: Trends, Gaps and Future Directions
Shiny Pradeep, Trishna Menon & Sreelakshmi S. Kurup

CHAPTER 12  Standardisation of Digital Economy: An Indian Perspective
Sunanda Tewari, Amandeep Kaur Bajwa & Ridhish Rajvanshi


Disclaimer: This title is in pre-production and any names, credits or associations are subject to change. The current table of contents and subject matter is for pre-release sample purposes only.