Store Legal Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2019 Edition
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2019 Edition

Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2019 Edition

By Mark S. Brodin , Michael Avery


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Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence is the premier work in its field. This comprehensive and practical guide to the law of Massachusetts evidence gives you the latest case law and up-to-date information on all evidentiary matters, including:

  • Relevance
  • New kinds of scientific and statistical evidence
  • Character evidence
  • Admissibility of confessions
  • Privileges and disqualifications
  • Domestic Abuse Prevention Statute
  • Expert testimony

With detailed reference to all significant Massachusetts and federal cases with a bearing on the law of evidence, this trial attorney's "bible" provides all the insightful analysis you need for practical, day-to-day use.

Previous Edition: Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2018 Edition, ISBN 9781454884675

Last Updated 11/08/2018
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ISBN 9781543800142
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Table of Contents
  1. Sources and Applicability of Massachusetts Evidence Law/General Provisions
  2. Judicial Admissions, Judicial Notice, and Binding Testimony
  3. Burden of Proof, Presumptions, and Inferences
  4. Relevance and Circumstantial Proof
  5. Privileges and Disqualifications
  6. Witnesses
  7. Opinion and Expert Evidence
  8. Hearsay
  9. Authentication
  10. The Best Evidence Rule
  11. Eyewitness Identification Evidence
  12. Confessions and Incriminating Statements
  13. Opening Statements and Closing Argument
  14. Evidence in Administrative Proceedings
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