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Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies

Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies

By Patrick J. Flinn


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Now there's a one-stop source of answers to the critical remedies questions that arise in today's intellectual property claims. Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies is the first single-volume treatise to focus exclusively on the substantive law governing remedies and strategies for obtaining them in intellectual property litigation.

Written by Patrick J. Flinn, an intellectual property specialist from Alston & Bird in Atlanta, GA, Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies offers step-by-step guidance on how to maximize -- or minimize -- possible remedies at all stages of litigation, from pre-filing decisions through appeals.

You'll find vital information you can use to:

  • Evaluate general remedial concepts involving lost profits, unjust enrichment, and out-of-pocket damages in IP claims
  • Establish which claims can affect which types of relief, and what problems may arise in joining different claims in the same action
  • Avoid costly mistakes at all stages of the case.Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies is full of practice tools to help you build and present your best case, including a quick-reference matrix on IP rights and remedies, sample demand letters and responses, current statistics on jury awards, case citations, checklists, and more!
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    Table of Contents


      About the Author

      Deciding Whether to Bring an Intellectual Property Lawsuit

    1. Types of Intellectual Property
    2. Identifying Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies
    3. Preparing and Responding to Claims
    4. Remedial Concepts
    5. Remedies in Patent Cases
    6. Remedies in Copyright Cases
    7. Remedies in Trademark Cases
    8. Remedies in Trade Secret Cases

    Appendix A -- Selected Provision from the Patent Act, Title 35, United States Code

    Appendix B -- Selected Provisions from the Copyright Act, Title 17 United States Code

    Appendix C -- Selected Provisions from the Lanham Act, Title 15, United States Code

    Appendix D -- Uniform Trade Secrets Act

    Appendix E -- Selected Provision from title 28, United States Code

    Table of Cases