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Guide to GATS, An Overview of Issues for Further Liberalization

By WTO Secretariat


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This work brings together in one volume the background papers on major service sectors prepared by the WTO Secretariat for the WTO's Council for Trade in Services, in preparation for the new round of negotiations which started in January 2000.

Following an analysis of the economic effects of services liberalization, 19 chapters on individual service sectors consider the issues which WTO Members need to consider when framing their negotiating positions and objectives for the new round and preparing their industries for a more open trading environment:

  • the economic importance of the sector;
  • the manner in which it is regulated and traded;
  • problems of definition and classification; and
  • the pattern of commitments undertaken by Member governments under the GATS.

    Many of the papers also identify prevalent forms of trade restriction or discrimination and suggest areas for further work. In addition, the work includes a detailed description of the structure of services commitments as submitted by WTO Members with respect to the four modes of supply which constitute the definition of trade in services under the GATS.

    The contributions have been provided by experts of the Trade in Services Division of the WTO Secretariat, with responsibility for the services or subjects in question.

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    Table of Contents
    1. Economic Effects of Services Liberalization
    2. Accountancy Services
    3. Advertising Services
    4. Air Transport Services
    5. Architectural Services
    6. Audiovisual Services
    7. Computer Services
    8. Construction Services
    9. Distribution Services
    10. Education Services
    11. Energy Services
    12. Environmental Services
    13. Financial Services
    14. Health Services
    15. Legal Services
    16. Maritime Services
    17. Postal Services
    18. Rail Services
    19. Road Services
    20. Telecommunication Services
    21. Tourism Services
    22. Structure of Commitments for Modes 1, 2 and 3
    23. Presence of Natural Persons (Mode 4)