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Government Contracts Audits and Compliance by Gregory A. Garrett

Government Contracts Audits and Compliance

By Gregory A. Garrett


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This book is a comprehensive guide to planning and implementing government contract audits and compliance activities. It is written for business professionals in U.S. federal government agencies, government prime contractors, and subcontractors. A team of 10 leading experts in U.S. government contract management, project management, government contract cost accounting, and government contract law have worked together to develop this unique book. This book provides a wide range of discussion on all aspects of government contract audits and compliance, including the legal and regulatory requirements, plus many proven effective tools, techniques, and best practices which are available and adaptable to help improve business performance results.

Pages 375
Publish Date 11/22/2010
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9780808023920
SKU 10028460-0001
Table of Contents




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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: U.S. Government Contracts Business Environment

By: Gregory A. Garrett and Susan Holloway

Chapter 2: U.S. Government Contract Types

By: Gregory A. Garrett

Chapter 3: Who Are the Auditors & What Are Audit Rights?

By: Thomas Magnani and Gregory A. Garrett

Chapter 4: Working With the Auditors

By: Thomas Reynolds

Chapter 5: Pre-Award Audits

By: Frank Beatty

Chapter 6: Incurred Cost Audits

By: Marie Salamone and Mitchell Plank

Chapter 7: Cost Accounting Standards

By: Gregory A. Garrett

Chapter 8: Claims and Dispute Resolution Methods

By: Peter A. McDonald

Chapter 9: GSA Contract Audits

By: John Williams

Chapter 10: Special Audits

By: Mitchell Plank and Sumoy Das

Chapter 11: Integrated Baseline Reviews

By: David Roberts

Chapter 12: Contractor Business Systems & Compliance Roadmap

By: Gregory A. Garrett

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