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Goldstein on Copyright, Third Edition

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Book - Looseleaf

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The authority on copyright, this landmark treatise fully covers emerging issues in information and entertainment technologies as well as securing, protecting, acquiring, selling, transferring, or licensing copyrights anywhere in the world; includes analysis of new court decisions, Lanham Act Section 43(a), vicarious liability, public performance, and more. By Paul Goldstein

Consulted by more courts on the fundamental issue of copyrightability, Goldstein on Copyright by Paul Goldstein has become the definitive practice tool for today's intellectual property practitioner.

Goldstein gives you immediate, reliable access to expert legal guidance so critical in traversing new and unfamiliar copyright law territory. More than any resource in the field, Goldstein on Copyright emphasizes emerging issues in information and entertainment technologies -- to keep you on the cutting edge of copyright law.

From determining whether protection is deciding whether there has been an infringement to analyzing all possible defenses and remedies, you'll have the clear, definitive guidance you need to preserve your clients' intellectual property rights in the new technological age.

Whether you're involved in securing, protecting, acquiring, selling, transferring, or licensing copyrights, anywhere in the world, consult the authority for:

  • In-depth analysis of copyright's extension to emerging digital technologies, including the still unsettled question of third party liability in a digital world
  • Exhaustive coverage of the myriad new court decisions on copyright infringement of computer software
  • An entire section analyzing all aspects of judicial interpretation of copyright assignments and licenses
  • In-depth discussion of Lanham Act Section 43(a)'s revolutionary development, filling in the gaps in traditional copyright protection
  • Extensive coverage of secondary liability -- contributory infringement and vicarious liability -- critically important issues in marketing environments (especially the Internet)
  • And much more
Last Updated 11/14/2017
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Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
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Table of Contents
  1. The Topography of Copyright
  2. Subject Matter
  3. Publication and Formalities
  4. Ownership
  5. Contracts, Conveyances and Termination of Transfers
  6. Copyright Term
  7. Exclusive Rights in Copyrighted Works
  8. Contributory Infringement and Vicarious Liability
  9. The Elements of Infringement
  10. Infringement of Rights in Literary, Visual, Musical, Factual and Functional Works
  11. Legal and Equitable Defenses
  12. Fair Use
  13. Injunctions, Ancillary and Declaratory Relief, Criminal Proceedings
  14. Monetary Awards
  15. Jurisdiction, Venue, Parties
  16. Pleadings, Proof and Trial Practice
  17. State and Federal Laws
  18. International Protection
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