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German Public Takeover Law - Third Edition by Thomas Stohlmeier

German Public Takeover Law - Third Edition

By Thomas Stohlmeier


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The third edition of German Public Takeover Law is a detailed guide to the legal framework of public takeovers in Germany. An authoritative guide which is divided into four parts for ease of use. The first part describes the legal framework for listed companies and the second details the public takeover law. The third part addresses the public-to-private strategies and other options available to an offeror. The fourth part sets out the relevant German and European laws and regulations, which are synoptically arranged in both German and English languages.

This third edition has been fully updated to cover all recent developments. Statutory materials that are highly relevant in public takeover and public-to-private transactions are included, including the complete Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act and all of its related regulations, and substantial portions of the Stock Corporation Act.

Benefit from the practical experience of a leading expert as German Public Takeover Law provides answers to the following questions:

  • How does the acquisition of a publicly listed company in Germany work?
  • How is the transaction best structured, and what is market practice?
  • How are the various stages of a takeover from the planning to achieving effective control linked together?
  • What are the possible further integration steps through to a complete taking private of the target company?

The third edition of German Public Takeover Law by Thomas Stohlmeier, is a complete guide to German public takeover law, and will be invaluable to strategic and financial investors, their investment bankers, lawyers and other advisors needing to better understand advice from their German lawyers.

Resources Table of Contents
Pages 720
Publish Date 04/22/2015
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041158628
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Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations.

PART I The Legal Framework for Stock Corporations.

PART II Public Offers.

PART III Options of the Offeror after a Successful Offer.

PART IV Statutory Materials.

APPENDIX 1 European Takeover Directive.

APPENDIX 2 Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act.

APPENDIX 3 WpÜG Applicability Regulation.

APPENDIX 4 WpÜG Supervision Notice Regulation.

APPENDIX 5 WpÜG Offer Regulation.

APPENDIX 6 WpÜG Fees Regulation.

APPENDIX 7 WpÜG Advisory Committee Regulation.

APPENDIX 8 WpÜG Objection Committee Regulation.

APPENDIX 9 Stock Corporation Act (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 10 German Corporate Governance Code.

APPENDIX 11 Transformation Act (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 12 Commercial Code (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 13 Stock Exchange Act (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 14 Exchange Rules for the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB) (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 15 Securities Trading Act (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 16 Securities Trading Reporting and Insider Register Regulation.

APPENDIX 17 Market Manipulation Regulation.

APPENDIX 18 European Merger Control Regulation – ECMR (Excerpt).

APPENDIX 19 Act against Restraints of Competition (Excerpt).