Store Legal Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws, Fifth Edition

Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws, Fifth Edition

By Wilbur L. Fugate
Book - Hardbound

Book - Hardbound

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Today, every international transaction has potential antitrust implications. Before you risk anything in foreign trade, consult the Fifth Edition of Wilbur L. Fugate's Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws. Fugate offers expert analysis of how the U.S. antitrust laws affect companies' abilities to import and export goods, invest in foreign companies, and enter into joint ventures and other trading arrangements. It provides in depth discussion of current statutory and case law, as well as expert analysis of the latest developments, including areas like these:
  • Foreign licensing of intellectual property
  • Transnational mergers and acquisitions
  • Transportation restrictions and other problems of international distribution

...and everything else you'll need to ensure protection under -- and compliance with -- today's far-reaching antitrust and competition laws.

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