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Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law: Fundamentals, 2021 Edition by WELCH

Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law: Fundamentals, 2021 Edition

By Robert S. Saunders, Allison L. Land, Jennifer C. Voss, Cliff C. Gardner


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For quick access to Delaware Corporation Law when you’re away from the office, here’s a handy portable version of Folk you can easily carry to court in your briefcase. Adapted from the major 4-volume analysis of the Delaware General Corporation Law the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act that is constantly cited by courts and relied upon daily by corporate lawyers everywhere, Folk Fundamentals gives you:

  • The complete text of the Delaware General Corporation Law
  • The complete text of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act
  • The essential and most commonly used analytic elements of the larger set’s commentary

Take this convenient one-volume softcover “distillation” any place you need to refer to Folk on the spot.

Organized for Quick and Easy Reference!

Following the unique and convenient organizational format of the 4-volume set, Folk Fundamentals provides annotated commentary with each section of the statutes. Each section’s commentary incorporates discussion of every significant court decision (including non-Delaware cases) that interprets the language and intent of that section, and adds the incisive analysis of Folk and his successor authors. This expert commentary synthesizes statutes, cases, and analysis into clear, up-to-date guidance that can be put to immediate use in any business activity or situation affected by Delaware Corporation Law or the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act.

With Folk Fundamentals, you’ll be able to:

  • Locate any provision of the Delaware General Corporation Law—quickly
  • Locate any provision of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act—quickly
  • Quote directly from the statutes or commentary in the office or the courtroom
  • Support or counter arguments with Folk’s proven analysis
Pages 1924
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Table of Contents


Title 8, Chapter 1, Delaware Code

  • Formation
  • Powers
  • Registered Office and Registered Agent
  • Directors and Officers
  • Stocks and Dividends
  • Stock Transfers
  • Meetings, Elections, Voting, and Notice
  • Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation; Changes in Capital and Capital Stock
  • Merger, Consolidation, or Conversion
  • Sale of Assets, Dissolution, and Winding Up
  • Insolvency; Receivers and Trustees
  • Renewal, Revival, Extension, and Restoration of Certificate of Incorporation or Charter
  • Suits Against Corporations, Directors, Officers, or Stockholders
  • Close Corporations; Special Provisions
  • Public Benefit Corporations
  • Foreign Corporations
  • Domestication of Non-United States Entities
  • Miscellaneous Provisions


Title 6, Chapter 18, Delaware Code


  • General Provisions
  • Formation; Certificate of Formation
  • Members
  • Managers
  • Finance
  • Distributions and Resignation
  • Assignment of Limited Liability Company Interests
  • Dissolution
  • Foreign Limited Liability Companies
  • Derivative Actions
  • Miscellaneous
  • Statutory Public Benefit Limited Liability Companies


  • Table of Cases (Delaware Decisions)
  • Table of Cases (Other Jurisdictions)
  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Uniform and Model Acts
  • Table of Rules and Regulations
  • Index