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Federal Banking Law Integrated Library

Federal Banking Law Integrated Library


The Federal Banking Law Integrated Library provides legal and banking professionals, including large and mid-size law firm attorneys, general counsel, executive officers and directors, and compliance officers, with a complete research and practical guidance solution and includes: (1) all relevant primary source materials; (2) analysis accompanied by expert practical guidance; and (3) forms, QuickCharts, and checklists to assist these professionals in complying with the various laws, rules, regulations, and case decisions needed to anticipate, prepare for, advise on, and respond to the multitude of state and federal legal and regulatory requirements.

Linking will originate from analytic materials and be directed to primary source materials. This library brings together all the necessary legislative, regulatory and judicial developments affecting United States financial institutions in one electronic reference. It offers a robust collection of full-text source materials, expert analysis, and analytic resources.

The Library includes: Current Awareness/Updates:
  • White Papers and Memos
  • Federal Banking Law Report Summary
  • Advance Release Documents
  • Currency Transaction Reports
  • Customer Information Programs
  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR)
  • Subprime Lendin
  • Current Developments
Analytical Materials:
  • Banking Law and Regulation, by Michael P. Malloy. Provides in-depth information and analysis on virtually every component of banking law/regulation
  • Federal Money Laundering, by Steven M. Levy. Information and guidance on recordkeeping, reporting, compliance, money laundering crimes, forfeiture of assets
  • Securities Activities of Banks, by Melanie Fein. Expert insight for avoiding the common compliance pitfalls associated with securities operations
  • Insurance Activities of Banks, by Karol Sparks. Expert guidance on the compliance obligations of banks, thrifts, and credit unions
  • Bank Directors’, Officers’ and Lawyers’ Civil Liabilities , by John K. Villa. Information and guidance for attorneys litigating cases brought by regulators
CCH Primary Source:
  • Federal Banking Law Reporter, the premier publication, provides comprehensive guidance on the federal regulation of banks and thrifts. Not only do you get full texts of laws and regulations, but you also receive expert analyses and explanations by CCH editors.

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