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Navigating through FAR Part 31 is nothing short of a complex web of intricacies for any contractor trying to conduct business with the government. You need to be sure you follow the proper guidelines to avoid major repercussions later that can potentially put your business at risk. Staying up-to-date on all the principles for pricing, modifications, and contract closeout doesn’t have to be complicated, costly, or time-consuming.

Now using the FAR Cost Principles Matrix Tool, a unique tool designed to help you save time searching for the right information, you know what is allowable to be charged to the government and what is not. In short, it reduces risk and provides answers so you can focus on your bottom-line.

With the FAR Cost Principles Matrix Tool you receive in-depth, easy to understand explanations including:

  • General rules applicable to all costs principles and analysis of selected costs
  • Which costs are allowable and which are unallowable
  • What types of costs contractors can charge the government
  • Specific information and guidelines for submitting pricing data to the government
  • Breakdown of all cost principles applicable commercial contractors
  • Cost principles for education institutions, local governments, and nonprofit organizations

Key links from the FAR Cost Principles Matrix Tool include:

  • The full text of related FAR provisions, Cost Accounting Standards, and agency FAR supplements
  • All of the rules that created and amended the cost principles, with explanatory text.

Simple solutions for the way you work

  • Allows for easy searching of specific cost principles
  • Ability to customize the information to streamline workflow
  • Save, email and export the content you want

Stay organized in the same manner as FAR Part 31

  • General Principles describes the overall applicability of FAR Part 31 cost principles, including particular contract types and advance agreements.
  • Commercial Entities addresses cost principles generally applicable to contracts with commercial organizations.
  • Selected Costs (FAR 31.205) examines the allowability of specific costs and categories of costs under contracts with commercial organizations.
  • Noncommercial Entities covers contracts with educational institutions; state, local, and federally recognized Indian tribal governments; and with nonprofit organizations.

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