Store International Family and Succession Law in Denmark, Second Edition,
Family and Succession Law in Denmark, Second Edition,

Family and Succession Law in Denmark, Second Edition,

By Hans Viggo Godsk Pedersen, Ingrid Lund-Andersen


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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this concise exposition and analysis of the essential elements of law with regard to family relations, marital property, and succession to estates in Denmark covers the legal rules and customs pertaining to the intertwined civic status of persons, the family, and property.

After an informative general introduction, the book proceeds to an in-depth discussion of the sources and instruments of family and succession law, the authorities that adjudicate and administer the laws, and issues surrounding the person as a legal entity and the legal disposition of property among family members. Such matters as nationality, domicile, and residence; marriage, divorce, and  cohabitation; adoption and guardianship; succession and inter vivos arrangements; and the acquisition and administration of estates are all treated to a degree of depth that will prove useful in nearly any situation likely to arise in legal practice.

The book is primarily designed to assist lawyers who find themselves having to apply rules of international private law or otherwise handling cases connected with Denmark. It will also be of great value to students and practitioners as a quick guide and easy-to-use practical resource in the field, and especially to academicians and researchers engaged in comparative studies by providing the necessary, basic material of family and succession law. 


Publish Date 09/16/2016
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041182593
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Table of Contents

The Authors

List of Abbreviations


General Introduction

Chapter 1. General Background of the Country

Chapter 2. Historical Background of Family and Succession Law

Chapter 3. Sources of Family and Succession Law

Chapter 4. The Courts Administering Family and Succession Law

Part I. Persons

Chapter 1. The Status of a Person

Chapter 2. Registration of Civil Status

Chapter 3. Personality Rights

Chapter 4. Names

Chapter 5. Nationality

Chapter 6. Domicile and Residence

Chapter 7. Mentally Handicapped Persons

Part II. Family Law

Chapter 1. Marriage

Chapter 2. Divorce

Chapter 3. Cohabitation without Marriage

Chapter 4. Filiation

Chapter 5. Adoption

Chapter 6. Parental Authority

Chapter 7. Guardianship

Chapter 8. Kinship and Relationships of Affinity

Part III. Matrimonial Property Law

Chapter 1. Rights and Obligations of Spouses

Chapter 2. The Marriage Settlement

Chapter 3. The Legal Matrimonial Regime

Part IV. Succession Law

Chapter 1. Intestate Succession

Chapter 2. Testamentary Succession

Chapter 3. Acts Inter Vivos Related to the Estate

Chapter 4. Acquisition and Administration of the Estate

Selected Bibliography