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Extinctive Perscription/ On The Limitations Of Actions

Extinctive Perscription/ On The Limitations Of Actions

By Frits Hondius


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Extinctive Prescription / On the Limitation of Actions contains sixteen national reports and the general report on the subject, written for the XIVth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law, held from 31 July-August, 1994, in Athens, Greece.
  • The volume deals with limitations of actions, or `extinctive prescription', as the subject is usually called in civil law jurisdictions. This is both a highly technical and a highly political topic. The book focuses on the political aspects of extinctive prescription; specifically, how long should prescription periods run, as of what event, interrupted by which circumstances, etc.
  • The trend in modern legislation has been to shorten the periods of extinctive prescription. Recent occurrences in biology and medicine, however, have led to proposals to lengthen the limitation periods again. The reports discuss the situation in Europe, Latin America, and North America, and are especially interesting because of their comparative nature.
  • Publish Date 05/01/1995
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    Table of Contents
    1. General Report. Introduction. A. Limitation of Actions: the Problems. B. Towards a Solution
    2. Australia
    3. Belgium. I. Qualification of Extinctive Prescription by its Effects, Domain of Application of the Rules on Prescription, Object of Prescription, Substantive of Procedural Character. II. Qualification of Extinctive Prescription by its Conditions--Type of Situations Sanctioned by Prescription. III. Commencement and Normal Duration of Prescription--Distinction between Prescription Periods and Periods merely Determining the Object of an Obligation. IV. Suspension or Respite of Prescription. V. The Imperative Character of Rights Derived from the Rules on Prescription
    4. Brésil. I. La prescription extinctive dans la nouvelle législation et la doctrine. II. La prescription extinctive dans la jurisprudence actuelle et ses tendances. III. Conclusions
    5. Canada
    6. Denmark
    7. England
    8. France. I. La tendance au renforcement du principe de la prescription extinctive. A. L'amoindrissement de la prescription extinctive dans les idées reçues quant à sa nature. B. L'élargissement du domaine. C. Le raccourcissement de la durée. II. La tendance à l'asouplissement du régime des prescriptions extinctives. A. Le recul du point départ. B. L'élargissement de l'interruption. C. L'archaïsme de la suspension
    9. Germany
    10. Israel
    11. Japan
    12. Netherlands
    13. New Zealand
    14. Québec
    15. Romania
    16. Turkey
    17. United States